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Stop acting like a Republican, Mr. President 

Morro Bay

If you are sick you cannot work! Isn’t that what we all felt when we supported the EPA? Refusing to update the smog standards will more than likely cost thousand of lives.

The protection of our environment is actually good for our economy. Updated standards would reduce health-care costs and compel companies to invest in technology and infrastructures to reduce pollution. That, in turn, would create new jobs right here in the United States. The companies have the cash to invest, and what better way than for them to invest in their own infrastructure?

But what is most troubling is that the president is repeating right-wing falsehoods. By caving in to big polluters and echoing false right-wing sound bites about the high cost of environmental protection, President Obama is only encouraging Republicans to push for rolling back even more standards and laws. He has fed into the machine, and it will require more feeding. At whose expense, Mr. President?

Again, you are not promoting Democratic values and beliefs; you are simply allowing the Bush policies to stay in place. Your own EPA chief said that Bush’s smog standards were so low, they were probably illegal. The Republicans cannot accuse you of failed Democratic policies, because you are only espousing Republican policy. Mr. President, if you wish to be re-elected, you must begin to act like the head of your party, while head of our country. Do not try to sweep this under the carpet. I mean, announcing your change the day before the Labor Day holiday? Not a class act.

When we elected you, you told us to have hope, that you would lead us with Democratic ideas and beliefs, but you’ve done virtually nothing. Even your health-care bill neglected to consider a single payer option/plan, which was supported by a large majority of the population.

I cannot believe that you are turning me away from supporting you. You must change before it is too late and we end up with one of the loons now campaigning for your office—a fate worse than a Democratic president acting like a Republican!

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