Tales of murder, intrigue, and scandal—short and sweet at 55 words each

It's here again, like clockwork. For the last 30 years, around July 4, New Times has brought you reader-submitted short stories for the annual 55 Fiction contest.

55 Fiction

Life, death, and honey: Local wild bees are important to your food supply

I’ve stepped out of reality and into a full-body beekeeper’s outfit. It might as well be a spacesuit.

Flavor Issue

Best of SLO County 2017 - 31st Annual Readers Poll

Get your glad rags on, and get ready to hit the town with some keen knowledge. New Times’ readers let us know exactly who and what they carry a torch for in this year’s annual Best Of SLO County readers poll. So like a swanky gin mill overflowing with hooch, we’re giving you the cat’s meow and the cat’s pajamas—the duckiest people, places, and things around—singled out, of course, by you. So get a wiggle on, and open up this nifty paper. You can eat your heart out starting with Dining Out.

Best of SLO

Menus Spring/Summer 2017

Your wining and dining guide to the Central Coast


Summer Guide 2017

Your inspiration and itinerary for a SLO County summer

Summer Guide

Spring Arts Annual 2017

Your six-month guide to all things artsy on the Central Coast.

Spring Arts Annual

Brides 2017

All this rain we’re getting is going to make wedding season on the Central Coast extra magical this year. Green, wildflower-filled hills will greet out-of-towners on their quests to celebrate love in a vineyard, next to a barn, on an oak-smattered hillside, or overlooking the Pacific as the sun goes down.


Holiday Guide Fall/Winter 2016-17

A cycle was like slogging through mud to run a marathon: It was long, arduous, and a little painful. And even if you don’t like the outcome, it’s time to celebrate the fact that it’s over.

Holiday Guide

Moments in time

A photograph can capture a moment in a way that words simply can’t. And the way in which that point in time is portrayed has everything to do with the person behind the camera. Each photographer’s unique view of the world—the way they think, how they look at things, what they find interesting—colors the snapshots they choose to take.

Winning Images

Student Guide 2016

I’m not sure anyone would accuse SLO County of having diversity. And for some Cal Poly students and staff and faculty members, it’s something the university needs to take a long hard look at creating.

Student Guide

Autumn Arts Annual 2016

Your six-month guide to all things artsy on the Central Coast.
Fall is a time of change, a chance for something new. So it’s only fitting that our Autumn Arts cover story unearths the new life found in SLO’s old movie theaters.

Autumn Arts Annual


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How do you feel about the results of the misconduct investigation of Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill?

  • Some of the allegations were true, and the mayor should step down.
  • Not all of the allegations were found to be true. Hill should stay.
  • The investigation was politically motivated. The mayor did nothing wrong!
  • It's not my place to judge the mayor. Let the City Council decide what do.

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