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Special interests decide elections 

I just came back from a bicycle ride and once again had to swerve to save my life because some stupid human was texting. I’m well practiced. I have done this so many times while riding my bicycle and my motorcycles thanks to my training. I wonder how many others would die in the same situation because they don’t have the same training I do.

I used to be an instructor who taught people how to ride a motorcycle safely on the highways. The first thing I said in class: “You have got to put in your mind that everybody out there on the road is trying to kill you.”

Of course it’s not intentional, but who cares if you’re already dead. This statement is more true now than ever because when I taught there were no cell phones just drunks and distracted drivers doing who knows what. Texting and driving is six times more likely to get you in an accident than drunk driving, so why don’t the same laws apply?


Cell phone companies probably would lose millions because there are only so many minutes in a day that humans are awake, and the more a cell phone is used the more they make. Look at all the other businesses that would also lose money—hospitals, mortuaries, ambulance services, repair shops, and the bureaucrats themselves through tax revenue from those businesses.

When I was talking to a police officer a few years ago, I asked them why they don’t pull people over when they see someone on a cell phone. They said that the fine isn’t worth doing it for. 

Let’s face facts, the only reason it’s not prosecuted like drunk driving is because the politicians are doing exactly what the special interests tell them to do, and that’s how they get elected. 

I vote in every election because of the propositions, which are true democracy. I have not voted for a politician since Ross Perot, who I wanted desperately to win not only because he was right, but we might have also gotten a third party to break up the monopoly we have today. The interesting presidential candidates are both disliked more by the American voter than they are liked. So who wins this election is already picked: the special interests.

-- Gregory Ceisner - Atascadero

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