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Sorry Gary, once again you've got it wrong 

I can recall a couple of years back when Gary Wechter wrote an op-ed in the New Times, telling us that basically, "We have the power and there's nothing you can do about it," ("So you didn't vote for Trump," Feb. 16, 2017). Now we see that the article should have read, "We have the power, and there's nothing we are going to do with it."

Just a reminder, Gary, that the Republicans held power over all branches of the government until six months ago. So why didn't they take steps to address the immigrant influx during that two-year period? Why didn't they fix health care as they promised instead of suing to destroy all of the Affordable Care Act because they couldn't get their way? What is the president's health care policy to replace the Affordable Care Act other than "I'll let you know after the election."

You're right about one thing. The Trump administration did warn of the immigration situation 18 months ago. Again I ask, why didn't the Senate, House, and the Republican administration fix it? Remember ol' 45 telling us in no uncertain terms that "only I can fix it." He tried to apply that catchphrase to every problem he perceived that he inherited for the previous administration.

So let's look at his accomplishments. A tax cut that only benefits his wealthy friends; two Supreme Court justices, one of whom is an accused rapist; and the destruction of every attempt to protect our environment. Let's not overlook his economy that is currently $21 trillion in debt, more than $2 trillion more than when Obama left office. So when there is a Democratic president elected next year, guess who is going to be blamed for that staggering debt? You guessed it, Barack Obama.

Speaking of the new administration to come, get ready to see all of Trump's tax returns and all of the criminal enterprises he was and is involved in. Like what, you ask? Well there's the Trump Foundation, the Trump Inauguration Committee, the Trump Organization, the emoluments violations, the obstructions of justice, and about 10 more investigations that are currently underway by the Southern District of New York.

We will find out about all of these crimes and hold Trump responsible for them while trying to undo and fix all of the destructive elements during the first four years of the new administration.

Oh yes, he fixed the problem with North Korea by falling in love with its murderous, insane dictator. He also pledged his fealty to Vladimir Putin for putting him in office. How about his love affair with Saudi Arabia? All the while destroying this country's strong relationships with our allies.

So you think that the House is not doing its job? Just ask the leader of the Senate (the self-described Grinch) who refuses to bring any bills from the House before the Senate and is not ashamed to come right out and say it. Not true? There was a bill passed recently by the House to send funds to each state's election committees to help secure their ability to avoid infiltration of their voting systems in our next election. Old Mr. Grinch refuses to bring that bill to the Senate floor for a vote, probably because he knows that without foreign interference he and No. 45 are up the creek without a life jacket.

So now Mr. Trump is counting on a few things to make his case for re-election. Encouraging racial divide and starting a war with Iran.

Well Gary, we have now and will have again in 2021 the power, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Larry Schiffer


Paso Robles Democratic Club

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