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So from whom should we be taking money? 

Santa Maria

Regarding the letter by Dave Raleigh about taxing the rich (“How about we really tax the rich?” Dec. 15), where do you draw the line? What do you consider rich? I know some people who consider making $50,000 per year as being rich. Does making or having $1 million in property or the bank make you rich? $10 million? What do you mean by really taxing the rich? Taking 90 percent of whatever it is they have?

What incentive would you have to make something of yourself—I mean really making something of yourself—if the government is going to take most of it? The really successful business owners I know, and I know a few, got that way from hard work, starting out with nothing, and working 12- to 16-hour days, for years, to end up with some pretty good success. Is that who you want to take from, the guys who work for their money?

I aspire to make a load of money. It probably isn’t going to happen, but I certainly wouldn’t want the government to take a great portion of it.

What would your criteria be for whom to take it from? The local businessman does not have a voice/lobbyist in Congress, but the big money boys do.

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