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SLO Council, don't forget we have to live here 

San Luis Obispo

I just wanted to share with you the great comfort I take in knowing that even in the deepest of recessions and darkest of depressions, our local and state government can still take the time to legislate the details of our lives.

What with imminent state bankruptcy looming over our heads, at least if Senate Bill 432 passes we won’t have to worry about those terrible flat sheets on hotel beds anymore, so there is a silver lining here.

Until now, I thought that only the state Legislature could be counted on to justify their paychecks with anal-retentive and wasteful legislation. Now it looks like SLO City is following suit with their push to ban all forms of shopping baggery (duh, Duh, DUH!).

It is not enough that many Slobispans are pretty progressive on their own, already biking to the hippie food stores with their fashionable cloth bags. Now we will all be mandated to so. Goddess forbid I save a little money by re-using shopping bags as trashcan liners and lunch bags instead of having to buy them and throw them away. And I guess the age-old debate of whether dump-clogging plastic is really more evil than tree-killing paper has been rendered redundant as we won’t get either unless we buy it (if we’re lucky).

But seriously (sound of me setting aside the sarcasm), we are about to have our solid waste disposal costs increased in SLO, and the city is seriously considering charging us for the bags that will cost us more to throw out anyway (“SLO Council mulls disposable bags,” Sept. 8)? In this economy? People are hard pressed to afford the groceries anyway. Is this really the best time to legislate idealism? Maybe we could wait until people aren’t hurting so bad. Or better yet, maybe the council could tackle real issues like affordable housing and homelessness or the fact that our job market here sucks. I mean, really, SLO Council, we all have to live here when you’re done with the place.

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