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Here in SLO, helping my daughter move into the dorms, I perused your paper and found the most bigoted cartoon piece I have seen in a long time (Jerry James, Sept. 11, 2008).

It characterizes Christians in a way that would hardly be allowed for most other people or groups in our culture. It is as offensive to show people of faith with simple minds, geeky faces, and bad grammar as it would be to characterize Muslims as ragheads or blacks as Steppin’ Fetchit. I saw some cartoons drawn in the 1930s by German propagandists who were deriding the Jews by depicting them as round, ugly, wiry-haired, with thick glasses, and big, pouty lips. Your cartoon depiction of Christians reminded me of this same brand of hatred.

You have no idea, it appears, how narrow and prejudiced this is, and as a Christian who desires to know and follow the will of God (something you mock in the editorial cartoon), I am insulted that you have decided to paint a group of people with such a broad brush. It’s amazing to me that liberal-minded people, who might otherwise rail against the use of demeaning stereotypes, would willingly demean a group of Americans as you have in that piece.

This has nothing to do with whether I support Palin. And, in fact, the cartoonist may have some arguments of merit, but they were lost when the medium veiled that point behind an infantile characterization. Instead of advancing an intelligent argument, the cartoonist stoops to insulting people. Way to go. How exceedingly liberal of you.

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