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Show some respect, New Times 

San Luis Obispo

After reading New Times for many years, especially the Shredder, I have to wonder if the writer(s) of this commentary (or rant) were bullied as children (“Don’t slouch,” July 19)? I still believe that people only read the paper because it’s free.

Does it make your staff feel more powerful now that they can unfairly attack people who have never done them wrong? Responsible parents continuously teach our children that this kind of behavior is wrong, and yet your newspaper not only allows it, you let them do it anonymously.

This paper is a hypocrisy. You criticize and judge others but never see your own faults. While I have my disagreements with many of the people you attack, I would never think it’s acceptable to attack people or their actions and not take responsibility for it. You want to hold our government officials and our residents accountable for their actions, yet you don’t feel any need to be accountable for yours. You and your staff would never put yourself in their position (cowards usually won’t), yet you want to attack their decisions. Maybe it’s time for you and your staff started treating people with the same respect you constantly demand of those you attack.

-- Michelle Tasseff - San Luis Obispo

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