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Shame's last name is Obama 

Santa Maria

Make no mistake, and do not be deceived by the Pravda-like salivating of the mass media; Occupy Wall Street is no grassroots silent majority middle America movement. “Occupy” is a finely groomed movement in search of a message. Whereas two years ago, much to the chagrin of the administration’s hip-pocketed talking heads, the Tea Party peaceably, respectfully, in an American as apple pie way, stopped the bulldozer of government occupation over their collective lives, whereas this unorchestrated orchestrated rabble, in a try to rehash the ’60s, wants to occupy our capitalistic system and turn it into collectivism, which history repeatedly shows us ends in misery and deaths.

I offer no pardon for the sin of greed on any level, whether that be the so-called Wall Street fat cats or Michelle Obama’s Imelda Marcos-like extravagant lifestyle (barring the Target photo op) or even a shopkeeper who may overcharge for his goods and services. All are wrong!

But the gullible who wish to follow this crowd over the cliff in a time like this are just plain stupid. We can, as a nation, empathize. We can help. What we do not need is people asking for heads on a platter like a repeat of the French Revolution. To the students who want a free college education, people who actually quit good jobs to join the protest, and a government that hamstrings business with progressive regulations such as this Administration does, I say that you are all misguided.

Most, if not all, of it is the creation of a subtext and narrative upon which the president and Democrats hope to base potential political victory in 2012. Adults know that the young voters’ hope in Obama never materialized but faded fast under the weight of hefty rhetoric and misplaced trust. The president, sworn by oath, to uphold law and order is doing neither. Why? Because the protesters give him hope of changing his re-election prospects. Shame has a name, and it is Barack!

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