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Russia isn't the only one meddling 

There is a great deal of concern about the Russians meddling in our sacred electoral process, possibly intruding on our constitutional and God-given right to choose between things like stupidity and abject corruption. Why are we not equally concerned about the relentless meddling of Big Oil; health care, defense, and pharmaceutical corporations; and the NRA in our elections? When the world does end, the only living things left will be cockroaches and lobbyists, probably due to similar DNA: Both species run around like crazy when you turn on the light.

One possible protection from Russian and National Security Administration hackers would be to require mail-in ballots, similar to what they have been doing in Oregon for years. You have to identify yourself and have a real address to qualify for a ballot, long before an election, and polling places, machines, etc., would not be required, saving a ton of money to give to rich people instead of taking it from Medicare and social programs. Of course, the lobbyists, media corporations, Madison Avenue, and the political parties won't like it, as it will interfere with their God-given right to turn elections into inane spectacles. They would no longer be able to express their constitutional rights by employing fake news and endless last-minute attack ads. What is wrong with that? Think about it.

Mark Henry

San Luis Obispo

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