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Responses to opinions published Dec. 13 

Pismo Beach

Mr. Rizzotto: Thanks.

Mr. Dawson: “Facts can be interpreted to get the outcome you want.” True, but that could apply to sources you believe, too. (Also, “” appears to have nothing to say about the subject of your letter.)

Mr. Duenow: What city with any kind of nightlife would you point to as an example of “a town where you can comfortably take your family to the core downtown after 10 at night?”

Mr. Clayton: When you learn to recognize Ms. Korgan’s commentary for what it is, you might just be eligible for an internship at “a professional paper like New Times.” Meanwhile, keep your day job while gaining enough life experience to understand—you do have a good attitude.

Mr. Lee: What exactly is your point? Easier access to smokes (legal and otherwise)? Less access to booze and/or harder drugs? Misplaced priorities for law enforcement? Some combination of the aforementioned?

Mr. Manata: “If wishes were horses ... .” (Sometimes ideals come with huge hidden costs—if they are possible at all.)

Mr. Powers: Well said!

Mr. O’Connor: Can we start with eliminating corporate welfare and work our way down to forms that are less of a burden on taxpayers?

Mr. Shredder: Your critique of online commentaries on one aspect of the relationship between Mr. Gibson and his assistant were fair—at least as fair as your sarcasm permits. However, you ignored two other points presented that were more important and legitimate reasons for calling for Gibson’s resignation.

First, a sexual relationship between any employer or supervisor and a subordinate creates a large potential liability situation. (Mr. Gibson is smart enough to know that when he uses his brain to think.) Guess who would end up paying for that if it occurred?

Second, their “solution” for the first problem, once the relationship was exposed, was to create a new job for her in a county department at her old pay—substantially higher than others doing comparable work. That is both an insult to her new co-workers and an unnecessary burden to the taxpayer. Others in county administration should be called to task for going along with this too.

-- Ron Holt - Arroyo Grande

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