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'Resistance' and Adam Hill 

After reading the highly entertaining March 2 commentary by Supervisor Adam Hill, in between bouts of laughter, I responded to its cries for a response, not from a member of the Tea Party but by a common sense moderate.

In his piece on “What resistance means to me,” he starts out with this sentence: “The more time I spend with people possessed of great certainty, people of obstinate truculence in their thinking … .” Adam, that’s you! But it’s good to see that you are re-examining your own character. It needs it.

Here is a little advice for Mr. Hill:

• Get over your tantrum at not being appointed chair of the Board of Supervisors. Not only has your anger clouded your judgment, it has caused you to make statements that have alienated your fellow board members, which in turn has diminished your effectiveness in representing your constituents.

• Get over your disappointment at not being appointed to the committees that you wanted. Between you and Bruce Gibson, you’ve been hogging those coveted positions for years. Give someone else a chance! 

• Quit complaining that your board meetings have become “combative.” After all, it is you and Gibson who are the members being combative at your meetings. We might have to nickname you “Hostile Man.”

• Quit whining about the expense of political campaigns. With your selective memory aside, it was you who put together that huge war chest of campaign contributions from your developer buddies to buffalo people into voting for you in your last election. And I do hope it is your last. 

But it was Adam’s self-coronation as a “resister” that was most entertaining, were it not for the fact that it cheapens that movement. For years, he has demonstrated a stunning lack of moral authority. For that, his “fancy way of drawing a fist in the air” will have all the force of striking one with a wet noodle.

Adam, just calm down and start doing what you were elected to do: contribute to the positive governance and civility of this county.

-- T. Keith Gurnee - San Luis Obispo

-- T. Keith Gurnee - San Luis Obispo

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