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re: Confessions of a homophobe 

Los Osos

If there is a prize for arrogance all other contenders should despair. Otis Page (“Confession of a homophobe,” Feb. 25) is certain he is right and people who disagree with him are wrong (a charitable predicate adjective, considering his point of view). Natural Law is on his side; all questions about human nature and the obvious fact that humans are far more than their biology aside. He has fabricated and presumes to speak for a god on his side who’s entrapped in a tiny box.

I politely decline to subscribe to his tidy little model of nature and I certainly will not bow to the merciless and petty little Baal he constructed. I will stake my 34 years of faithful love for one man against all of his small-minded condemnations. In all my life I was never once tempted to experiment with heterosexuality, though I must acknowledge temptations, promptings, and legal sanctions aplenty exist. If I—a blatant degenerate and sinner damned by his god—were able to control myself, then perhaps he should be lecturing people who raise children who have neither self-control nor a moral compass, instead of vilifying people like me.

I had good parents, teachers, and mentors who taught me to live decently and to love fiercely. I have the gift of faith in a God actually worth the title. Yes, I made a “choice” many years ago. I chose to live an authentic life, not a lie. I chose not to deceive some hapless woman so I might “pass” and spare myself the costs of the acceptance of the gift I was given. I chose to walk humbly before a transcendent God rather than invent a god of my own that would make all of my choices “right.”

The late Jacob Bronowski wrote about the conflict between actual knowledge and the “certainty” that ideologues like Page trade on as truth. In that essay he quotes Oliver Cromwell, writing to the Presbyterians in Scotland: “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible that you may be mistaken.” We might all do well to ponder those words.

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