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re: Confessions of a homophobe 

San Luis Obispo

The funniest part about Otis Page’s opinion piece “Confession of a homophobe” (Feb. 25) was his admission that he might be “belaboring the point.” You think? Page has been writing this same drivel for years. I used to spend time writing pithy responses refuting his illogical points about the “homosexual agenda” but it became so tiring  that I finally just wrote a Mad Lib about Otis so that others might  pick up the mantle (New Times, April 25, 2007). Alas, he’s still at  it. But I think I finally see what the problem is and why he is so  vehemently opposed to any form of recognition or tolerance for homosexuals.

He gave himself away in his latest diatribe with this  statement: “With homosexuality being legally recognized and accepted  by society, what excuse would a heterosexual have in not indulging in  same-sex sexual excursions?” And there it is: Page is afraid that if  homosexuality gains societal acceptance, his resolve is going to weaken and he will finally give in and go Brokeback Mountain with some longstanding but heretofore unknown male crush. He should just go for it.

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