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re: Confessions of a homophobe 

San Luis Obispo

In his commentary “Confession of a homophobe” (Feb. 25) Otis Page’s first assumption is that he is accused of being a homophobe because he believes sexual orientation is a matter of choice. I believe he is accused of being a homophobe because he writes about homosexual practices so much.

He assumes he is the arbiter of what is moral but I recommend Page should kiss off, unless he wants to detail his sexual practices. His house of cards falls down with his first sentence. Shame on New Times for giving him space.

Page presumes there is a campaign to influence and indoctrinate youngsters to become homosexual, that legalizing same-sex marriage would silence critics. He stated that if one wouldn’t try same-sex acts, they would be accused of being a homophobe. I don’t know any straight person, including myself, who cares to try sex with anyone of the same sex, because that is not how we were born. There are those who experiment, but a minority who won’t create children does not threaten the propagation of humans.
Having children and raising them to the point where they can have children, while considering the effects of increased population on the Earth, is what is essential to prolonging our species. Let’s focus on how best to parent and take care of our Earth.

Page believes criticism of the homosexual lifestyle might be censored and even made illegal. The same First Amendment rights he stands on apply, and we should all welcome and even fight for his right to speak his opinion. New Times is just inciting us all by printing this opinion that has no facts behind it. The real question is why I was compelled to read it. New Times may as well have printed a commentary from a Holocaust denier, maybe from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. We should not be subjected to the same old rant with no facts and no substance. Let’s get out of people’s bedrooms and give equal rights to everyone.

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