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re: Confessions of a homophobe 


Otis Page knows just enough big words to be dangerous. His commentary, “Confession of a homophobe” (Feb. 25), is filled with illogical generalizations. Mainly, he worries that the legalization of gay marriage will have everyone dabbling in homosexuality, so that the world becomes one big, hedonistic, crazy, sexually laden love fest.

In answer to that, let’s take someone like me. Unlike Page, I fully support gay rights and the right of gay persons to be married. Unlike Page, I do not fixate on what goes on between two adults in the sexual arena. Frankly, it’s none of my business. Yet, despite my support and overall acceptance of homosexual rights, I have no interest in becoming gay or in experiencing sex with another woman. Whether gay marriage becomes legal or not, my private life will remain between me and my husband.

I hate to say this to Page, but it has been my experience thatsometimes those who are the most vociferous against gay folks, tend to have a strain of gayness themselves, which they are attempting to denyor suppress. It’s like they can’t accept their own gayness, so theyreach out to attack and destroy. In his commentary, Page wrote he believes that the legalization of homosexuality would result in “heterosexuals ... indulging in same-sex excursions.” To me, this says volumes—not about what society would do, but really what he would do. My take is that if gay marriage were legalized, he would feel compelled to jump on over and experience the other side. Page, life is too short: I say it’s time to accept your sexuality now, and stop waiting for Uncle Sam’s permission!

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