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Racano got who should apologize to whom wrong 

It is Mr. Racano ("Deja poo," Nov. 29) that should apologize to Ms. Stedjee and the hundreds of grassroots people who have worked hard, spent precious time and money to bring a rational replacement for the absurdly expensive and illogical proposed sewer treatment plant that will drive residents from their homes.

Ms. Stedjee's opinion took issue with the Shedder's specious and sarcastic exaggeration: "The city of Morro Bay has been trying to get a new wastewater reclamation facility built because apparently it's not cool to let raw sewage run into the Pacific Ocean" ("Trouble right here in Morro Bay," Nov. 15).

Most thinking persons would have taken that statement for what it was. Mr. Racano appears to have taken it literally, in opposition to Ms. Stedjee's rebuttal, as an opportunity for a self-aggrandizing lecture on his past (and laudable) efforts in Southern California; however it misses Ms. Stedjee's point.

Ms. Stedjee was trying to refute one aspect of the misinformation and propaganda that the city has based its justification for a project that is so complex, expensive, unproven, and disastrous to the city's finances, residents, and many businesses when better, less costly options were summarily dismissed.

It seems the Shedder has drunk the city's toxic wine.

The tenor of the Shedder's opinion was entirely sarcastic, demeaning Morro Bay citizen "white retirees" as whining, but wealthy, selfish hedonistic misers balking at paying a measly 41 bucks to clean up everyone's ocean. In reality, the $41 is on top of five years of rate increases that will result in an average monthly minimum bill of $191.

And that estimate comes before any shovel has broken the ground!

I have great respect and appreciation for Mr. Racano's work for the voiceless inhabitants of this planet, that is why I am shocked and incensed at his vehement public attack on Ms. Stedjee, who does not want raw or any form of sewage in the ocean any more than Mr. Racano does.

He unwittingly has aided and abetted the proponents of the proposed sewer project, which will only benefit the Tri-W Corporation and those who might financially profit from it.

Nancy Bast

Morro Bay

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