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Questions For: Tim Wall 

curator of the California Garden at the Royal Botanical Garden in Melbourne, Australia

NEW TIMES How is your trip to the states so far?

WALL It’s been great, so far. I’ve been here about three to four days now; I’ve been around and have seen a lot of Northern California, the Bay and San Francisco area. It’s been great.


NEW TIMES How is the climate here different from that in Melbourne?

WALL Not that much. Probably temperature-wise it’s the same. In Melbourne, we get rainfall throughout the whole year; that’s the major difference. So there’s not much of a difference, really.


NEW TIMES How long is your trip?

WALL I’m here until May 20, so it’s a month in total. I will be traveling California, visiting different botanical gardens and exploring California.


NEW TIMES Are you collecting any plant samples to return to Melbourne with?

WALL No. That’s why I am going to different botanical gardens in the states: I want to set up relationships and contacts for future plans.


NEW TIMES What will your presentation at San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden cover?

WALL I will be doing a presentation on the Melbourne Botanical Garden. It’s just a general overview, with a slideshow of the Royal Botanical Garden we have in Melbourne.


NEW TIMES What is your favorite plant you have seen so far on your trip?

WALL Ah ... I don’t really have a favorite kind of plant. Seeing the redwoods in their natural environment has probably been my favorite so far.

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