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Questions For: Steve Kragenbrink 

NEW TIMES Is there a minimum amount for adoption?

KRAGENBRINK The animals in our care are priceless in our eye. … Adopters can give what they can afford in order to adopt their new best friend. It costs Woods Humane Society (WHS) $500 per animal to place them up for adoption, our usual adoption fees are $115 ($150 for kittens), and we absorb $385 per adoption regularly. Folks can adopt for the price of “on the house” or $5,000 or anywhere in between. We hope that adopters will give what they can in order for us to continue to care for more animals who temporarily call WHS their home.


NEW TIMES What does the “Feline-ality” assessment entail?

KRAGENBRINK The Feline-ality assesses cats on their temperament, activity level, and general personality (aka Feline-ality). Adopters complete a short survey to match their expectations with an adoptable feline’s. Think for cats.


NEW TIMES What does WHS do to ensure animals go to good homes?

KRAGENBRINK First and foremost, we strive to ensure that each adopter understands the responsibility of caring for an animal. Although we are offering Name Your Own Price adoption fees, adopters must still understand that it costs money (food, meds, vet bills, etc.) to provide for their new family member. WHS Adoption Counselors are trained to talk with potential adopters, understand their needs and expectations, and assist them with choosing an animal that will best suit their lifestyle.


NEW TIMES Are the available pets friendly?

KRAGENBRINK Every animal that is placed up for adoption must pass health and behavior screening. Additionally, every animal is altered, vaccinated, and microchipped prior to being placed up for adoption. When talking about cats specifically, all of our feline guests live together in an open “cageless” cattery … as opposed to being stuck in cages all day long.


NEW TIMES Do you have a variety of ages and breeds?

KRAGENBRINK We have a variety of ages and personalities, ranging from the calm and quiet seniors, the active adults, adventuresome adolescents, and rambunctious kittens to choose from.


NEW TIMES What can a companion animal provide a human?

KRAGENBRINK Aside from the obvious companionship, friendship, and unwavering affection, pets can reduce your blood pressure and help prevent heart disease. Cats specifically are easy to house train, bathe themselves, and when spayed/neutered live long healthy lives as your friend. Also this month, small dogs who weigh less than our fattest cat (17.5 lbs) are Name Your Own Price. And we will launch Canine-ality in October for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

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