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Questions For: Scott Duka 

author, To Pass It On

NEW TIMES How long did it take you to complete the book?

DUKA I started with the idea back in 2009 and published it in 2012.


NEW TIMES What are you doing now?

DUKA I’m working in a restaurant. It’s kind of that in-between stage of “I kinda know what I’m doing, but I don’t know what the hell I’m doing”—except for this, the book.


NEW TIMES Do you think you will write another book?

DUKA I have ideas, but I don’t think for a little while. I started to become so involved with the characters. Some represented the past me, and some the present me, and some the future me that I got so tied to them that it’s going to take a while of it just being out there and people reading it and telling me what they think about it for me to catch up.


NEW TIMES How did you decide to self publish it?

DUKA I got the advice to find an agent first. If you’re a first-time fiction writer, without a master’s degree, who isn’t writing about vampires or zombies, it’s not going to work, you’re not going to find an agent. So I thought “What the hell, I’m going to look into self publishing,” because it’s not about being famous or making money or any of that at all. I’ve encountered some truths that everybody should know about or maybe they already do and need to be reminded of and I want to share it with them.


NEW TIMES Where can we find your book?

DUKA It can be ordered online at

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