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Questions For: Judie Kewish 

Producer Murder in Mind Productions

NEW TIMES Why is the murder mystery theatre pirate-themed?

KEWISH Because our audiences love it and so do our actors, it’s great fun.

NEW TIMES Are the passengers responsible for solving the crime, or if a passenger don’t solve it does it go unsolved?

KEWISH No, they are not responsible, but they do get the opportunity to solve the crime and whoever comes closest to the truth wins a prize. Our last scene is the resolution scene which explains all the where’s, what’s, why’s and how’s of the mystery.

NEW TIMES Where is the theatre held?

KEWISH We do our shows at the Spyglass Inn Restaurant in Shell Beach in their Banquet Room.

NEW TIMES What is the venue like?

KEWISH Spyglass’ Banquet Room holds about 50 people who sit at round tables of eight overlooking the ocean and we perform the show all around them, it’s very close and intimate. 

NEW TIMES What role does the venue play in the experience?

KEWISH The action takes place aboard a pirate ship so the ocean view adds to the ambiance of the show.

NEW TIMES Is there pirate-themed drinks?

KEWISH Not really, but the cast is supposed to be swilling a lot of rum.

NEW TIMES If you are a pirate, what is the weapon of choice to kill someone with?

KEWISH A knife or sword usually does the job.  Otherwise, a blunderbuss if you have one.

NEW TIMES What's done with a murderer on a pirate ship?

KEWISH They walk the plank.

NEW TIMES Tell me a little about Murder in Mind productions?

KEWISH We have been producing murder mysteries at Spyglass since 2003. We have had the opportunity to work with a great many talented and fun actors through the years and all of us have a great time performing. It’s hard work for Ron, my husband, and me but very rewarding. We both produce the shows and he directs (and acts) in all of them, too. Our scripts are original (our best friend writes them for us).

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