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Art McCloud ignores a major point in his letter (Oct. 14-21) criticizing mine regarding antiwar activist Mark Phillips’ commentary.
That point is Phillips’ 20/20 hindsight in exercising an admitted prewar bias as responsible foresight on the Iraq war.

McCloud joins Philips in making statements that are fallacious, alleging certain facts to be myths. The facts of the intelligence failure — the long-held beliefs on the existence of WMDs, the terrorist ties within countries in the Middle East — are conclusively established. They are not myths, as McCloud alleges. The myth that exists about this is in McCloud’s mind and is not expressive of reality and the truth.

McCloud’s statement about Newt Gingrich’s eagerness to impeach Clinton “either ridiculed efforts to kill bin Laden or insinuated that these efforts were an attempt to deflect attention from his scandal� is a preposterous statement. Myths may be inspired from such exaggerations, as suggested by McCloud’s final obsessed conclusion that “we have been treated to the most shameless political exploitation of national security in our history.�

I don’t know what “friggin’ dog� McCloud is referring to, but the tail wagging is sustained by a distorted view of the facts and/or myths relying on mistruths. Could they be DNC talking points?

Otis Page

Arroyo Grande

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