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Political debate doesn't move us forward 

San Luis Obispo

Responding to Robert Parkhurst’s “Some final words in this bailout conversation” (Oct. 27): Fat chance, Bob! Throw your stuff onto the pile after stating that no one can reply.

“Vote the present administration out of office,” he says. What I have learned in the last several years is that the election cycle has so little to do with our lot or our control. I walked precincts for Obama, still think he was the best choice, and am disappointed and enlightened by his administration’s follow through. The true Powers That Be are not affiliated with any party or philosophy other than profits and the defense of those profits. If we are to fundamentally and refreshingly change how we roll in this nation, we have to look over the frenzied top of the upcoming presidential campaign.

Secondly, I would remind Robert that most of the TARP funds have been repaid, with interest. Both General Motors and Chrysler have repaid their loans (hence their rosy profit reports!), and Solyndra is not related to these “bailouts.” Solyndra was trying to compete with Chinese manufacturers of PV panels, who are using U.S. technology, paying their workers a fraction of what we pay in this country, polluting their own country, and enjoying the wide ranging support of their government. (Currency manipulation, anyone?) Solyndra lost in the “Free Market,” like there is such a thing.

We can wake up in this country, jump start the famous American Ingenuity, start leading the world again and selling to them—or not. Our political debate might be entertaining; it does not presently forward this nation.

* Executive editor’s note: The “final” headline for the letter in question came from New Times, not Parkhurst, who had written a previous letter in this particular opinion thread.

-- Allen Root - San Luis Obispo

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