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People have a responsibility to the Earth 

Santa Margarita

A couple of things. First is perennial nature hater Steve Rebuck’s latest diatribe against conservation (“Bring back the saber-tooth tigers, too,” March 10). Dude, you make it sound like these animals were naturally on their way out, so we shouldn’t be trying to save them.

You’re wrong. People are the driving force behind the current “Sixth Extinction.” We are responsible for their demise, therefore we have a particular responsibility to try to save them even if they get in the way of your economic schemes. They have as much right to exist as you do—maybe more. If you get your way, though, pretty soon all that will be left will be people—a sad prospect indeed!

Two, following in the wake of the devastating Japanese earthquake and the real potential for meltdown, it becomes even more obvious the insanity of situating a nuke plant right on top of an active fault. We are a part of the same “ring of fire” that seems to be waking up all along the Pacific. But not just tectonically: The present world of humanity simply does not have the long-term political stability necessary for nuclear power. Heck, we don’t even know what to do with the highly radioactive waste. We need alternatives now, like solar, wind, and geothermal. They are there, free for the taking, no risk involved.

That’s what the big dirty energy giants really fear: that we might become independent of having to forever pay them for our energy. To see an example of solar’s potential, Google “Eric Jacqmain” and solar.

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