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Paul Teixeira's Body and Balance Center relocates in downtown SLO 

click to enlarge HELP A BODY OUT:  Paul Teixeira showcased his newly opened Body and Balance Center on Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo. The facility is open and bright, with an interior design done by Paul’s wife. - PHOTO BY STEVE E. MILLER
  • HELP A BODY OUT: Paul Teixeira showcased his newly opened Body and Balance Center on Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo. The facility is open and bright, with an interior design done by Paul’s wife.

Paul Teixeira’s Body and Balance Center has been completely revamped and relocated into the old Antique Treasure space in downtown San Luis Obispo. With its location on busy Monterey Street, just three blocks from its previous location, visitors won’t even notice the traffic streaming by once they’re inside.

The center opened its new doors on Sept. 1, and there’s already been a number of people who’ve come in simply because they noticed the structure. The building boasts nearly floor to ceiling windows as its front, and a peek inside reveals a very clean, open, and spacious exercise studio. That’s essential if you’re seeking physical therapy.

Teixeira and his partner Jaime Guerra tend to receive a lot of back and knee injuries, whether from daily life activities, exercise, or sports accidents.

“People are always told to bend at the knees and back, but that’s incorrect,” Teixeira said. “You bend at the hips and back.”

Your hips are the ones with the ball-and-socket, which can support and provide better movement, while your knees have just a flat disk. Using them only can result in an arched back while lifting.

Teixeira and Guerra are more than just helping people with injuries, they’re “helping people help themselves,” customizing each session to individual needs.

Take, for example, someone who’s had hip surgery and is now finding daily routines to be work. Teixeira and Guerra will help that person to not just get re-accustomed to those routines, but to do them properly. Certain stretches and lifting can cause more pain when done incorrectly.

“Once you start losing form, you lose safety,” Teixeira said.

Take, for example, a football player lifting 500 pounds a day at the gym and who can’t figure out why he has recurring back pain. Chances are he’s lifting incorrectly, so Teixeira and Guerra will have him start with 300 pounds the proper way.

With the Body and Balance Center’s new space—which is twice the size of the old one—there’s more room for stretching and running. Teixeira has also done away with some of the equipment that cluttered the old center.

“We’re not a gym. We only need a few machines to teach the proper techniques, but at the same time, the person we’re treating can still come here and enjoy a workout,” he said.

The Body and Balance Center also offers massages and acupuncture, and Teixeira is hoping to add some yoga classes after hours. He does have the space for it now. He eventually wants to be a part of Art After Dark. There’s already work on the walls that his wife incorporated into the design, and he wants to feature local artists by rotating the work every couple of months.

The Body and Balance Center is at 1248 Monterey St., and open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; it’s closed for lunch. Reach them at 541-8005 or visit

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