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Overthrow the oligarchy 

Santa Maria

I often read letters that condemn socialism as some sort of evil force that will bring down our form of democracy. We are, in fact, a socialistic democracy and it isn’t dangerous or bad. Too often, though, it’s confused with communism or dictatorships.

Socialism as best defined is a system whereby all programs are state run and funded. Let me provide you with examples of state-run programs we all welcome with open arms: Social Security/Medicare, our school systems, our police forces, our fire departments, our prison systems and jails. Those agencies and many more all receive government funding. Without it, they couldn’t exist. And I’m positive we don’t want to eliminate them.

Most conservatives scream about taxes and waste and want to cut everything. I agree that funds should be cut for bridges to nowhere, $1000 toilet seats, government air travel on private jets or in first class, when coach would be fine. There are countless other pork items in the budget that a line-item veto would take care of, should that miracle ever happen.

What we basically have in America is an oligarchy who calls the shots in government. If you don’t believe this, check the names of the movers and shakers that appear in every presidency, year after year, Republican or Democrat.

What the American people must do is vote out of office all well-entrenched politicians who have indebted their souls to the powerful elite who really run this country. We need more government regulatory agencies, not fewer, to keep those people and corporations in line. Until that happens, we, the people, will always pay the price for corporate screw-ups and their government lap dogs.

I believe President Obama is on the right track in turning around our past president’s failed policies. With bipartisan support, he will succeed.

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