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Oppose the Freedom of Choice Act 


Is it possible that the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) could partially abort health care (pun intended)?  FOCA is only one of a litany of federal actions that seem to pit the “needs” of a few against the entire populace, which sleeps in apathy.
I’m not debating abortion or any other hotbed issue here. My position is irrelevent in the face of a looming threat. I speak of the potential closure of multiple hospitals and other medical facilities.  Many organizations have had to close their doors recently, rather than bow to federal laws that negated their reason to exist.  The same may happen here with Catholic institutions. 

As individuals fail—for whatever reason —to let legislators know what truly matters to them, the freedoms they take for granted disappear in a morass of special interests.  FOCA’s main goal has always been to create a fundamental right to abortion, eliminating any federal, state, or local government action that limits or impedes access to abortion.  No matter how an individual health professional may feel about abortion, they’d be compelled to provide it on demand, lest they create a hardship.

That may sound benevolent in theory, yet I question how many women would really be put out if a particular doctor or clinic refused them this “service” (God forbid they might realize it wasn’t a wise choice).  However, I guarantee a huge number of men, women, and children would be devastated if half or more of our health facilities close.

I’m not Catholic, and I don’t know how serious they are. I hope they mean business, though I dread the possibility. I am no alarmist or armchair philosopher. My job and thousands more may very well disappear, yet I approve. Why? Estimates are that 125,000 additional children would be slaughtered per year with FOCA!

God’s laws override those of men. Whether you believe unborn children are alive or not, abortion certifies they’ll never breathe. That’s too close to murder for me to ignore. If FOCA passes, I hope the church will exercise its right not to participate.  That massive loss for me and countless others would send a very loud message to Washington, and it would be worth it.

I think it is still possible to fight FOCA but time is short. Spend a few minutes and dollars to scream your disapproval to your representatives.  Tell the Senate to stop
playing God.

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