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In response to the letter “Move forward” from Erica Hamilton (New Times, Sept. 25, 2008), I understand how you could construe voting Yes on Proposition 8 and supporting the traditional family as being negative toward gays and lesbians, however that is not the case.

Where did marriage come from? It is God’s law not man’s law and has been practiced since our first parents, Adam and Eve. I ask you, what gives man the right to change God’s law? If you want to tell him how he screwed up by defining marriage as between a man and woman, be my guest. This is not a political issue of trying to exclude one group over another; this is a moral issue about following what has been instituted from the creation of man. It takes a man and a woman to procreate and produce children because that’s how we were designed by our maker.

Same-sex couples are entitled to live together, love each, and enjoy the same tax breaks through a civil union as every other married couple in this country. Since marriage was established by God and has been practiced since the beginning of time, why should those of us who believe in and support traditional marriage have the gay and lesbian community impose their will on us? We didn’t make the law, we are just living it and protecting it as God commanded. We aren’t changing the laws to exclude them, they are trying to change the law to force their desires on us, so who is discriminating against who?

I support Proposition 8 and the traditional family, and love all people equally without prejudice. I don’t make the rules, but I do follow them once they have been made.

-- Jeff Lind - General Manager, S. Lombardi & Associates

-- Jeff Lind - General Manager, S. Lombardi & Associates

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