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Bucking doesn't seem natural

I found the article about the Cal Poly rodeo ("Cal Poly rodeo: A protest and a defense," April 17 ) very interesting, since prior to this article I didn't even know it existed.

The article gave both sides of the story, and I can appreciate the position of both sides since that is the experience they have had thus far. However, whether or not the rodeos are staging these events, isn't it cruel to use unwilling animals for entertainment? I do agree with Animal Perspectives that it is not natural for cows and bulls to run and buck, much like it isn't natural for a tiger to jump through a hoop of fire. Luckily, these "farm animals" would do just fine when released from their rodeo "jobs."


Andrea Beer









I'm not ready to be mayor, but I do want a council seat

I sincerely appreciate you mentioning my name in a recent article referring to the election of mayor in San Luis Obispo. As much I might consider a campaign for mayor someday in the future, my intention this election is to run for one of the two City Council seats.

I currently serve as a commissioner on the SLO Planning Commission. Prior to this appointment, I served on the city's Cultural Heritage Committee. I do not serve on both committees, as the city does not allow appointments at the same time. I will promise to bring the same commitment and passion to the City Council, if given the opportunity to serve by the voters.

My family has been serving our beautiful city for five generations. Over the years, they participated in establishing the original footprint of our commercial and residential districts. My research into the past has exposed many of their contributions, some positive and some very colorful. I am extremely proud of my dad's service on the Planning Commission 50 years ago, and my uncle's as a Supervisor of District 4, some 40 years ago. Today's challenges of serving on the council are many and complicated. I expect my service to the city in recent years will give me the skills, knowledge, and understanding to make decisions that will ultimately carry out the vision of my predecessors.

Thank you for letting me set the record straight and sharing some of my thoughts with your readers.


Dan Carpenter

SLO City Council candidate

San Luis Obispo








What's your real agenda?

I've been following the Arnold candidacy for supervisor a bit. Very discouraging. Once again, we have big-time developers funding the campaign of someone that they expect to favor them once they get into office. Every time I see another one of these cookie-cutter phonies, I have to wonder why people keep on electing them.

It's always the same: After saying all the right things when they are running for office, they then proceed to show their true pugnacious colors by consistently making partisan decisions against the environment and for big business. Kind of like Bush did. Remember, "I'm a uniter, not a divider"? Yeah right.

Apparently Arnold thinks that creek setbacks (not placing homes right on the brink of streams and rivers, and for good reasons) will be her ace in the hole with other staunch myopic Republicans against Patterson. I also have to wonder what's in it for her personally. So what's your real agenda, Debbie? What are you going to spring on us once you (if you) get elected?


George Hansen









Get the facts straight about me

An article in The Tribune on Jan. 10 noted that Debbie Arnold, who is running against me in the June election for 5th District Supervisor, "declined to criticize Patterson or his record, saying she is running on her issues and not against Patterson."

What a difference a few months makes. Debbie Arnold is telling falsehoods, misrepresenting the facts, and flat out lying. It appears she learned some things while she was assistant to former Supervisor Mike Ryan after all.

First, Debbie had a poll conducted during which the callers asked questions that impugned my character and told voters lies about me and about my position on certain issues. Next, in what she characterized as a "response" to the community outcry that followed her vicious poll, she had a letter published in the Atascadero News in which she simply took the opportunity to repeat some of the same lies.

Debbie, in her so-called "poll" and in her piece in the Atascadero News, stated that she opposes expanding the number of marijuana dispensaries in San Luis Obispo County, while "Jim Patterson supports the creation of more dispensaries."

Interestingly, the letter she had placed in this publication ("I won't fight dirty, but I'll ask tough questions," April 17) was the exact same letter she had published in the Atascadero News, with the glaring exception of our difference of opinion concerning medicinal marijuana. I support the legal use of medical marijuana for chronically ill patients under a physician's care, as defined in California law. I assume from her tone that Debbie does not share my opinion.

I don't tell lies. I signed a pledge when I became a candidate not to be misleading or untruthful. I take that pledge seriously. I believe those who do not tell the truth in a campaign call into question their ability to make a trustworthy elected official.


Jim Patterson

District 5 Supervisor

San Luis Obispo County








Oust the wolf

The words "common sense" used in the same sentence as "smart growth" is a misnomer. Smart growth was introduced to our county in the Planning Commission's Framework for Planning. It is basically a red (socialistic) wolf in green (environmental) clothing. This wolf wants to put everyone in a downtown core in small apartments, eliminate the need for cars (called "walkable communities"), and leave all the surrounding land to nature as a wildlife habitat. No more living on an acre or two and no more backyards. This would mean no more rural lifestyle.

The wolf, Jim Patterson, and his self-appointed planning commissioner has his/their own agenda. The Planning Commission is supposed to be an advisory body, not an entity that writes law. Under the wolf's watchful eyes, the Planning Commission is creating policy shifts with little notice and without input from the public.

Our elected officials need to ask for more input from our county's working people. I think Debbie Arnold will represent those of us so busy making a living that we don't have time to find the rat hiding in meeting agendas. On June 3, let's replant "common sense" in district five.


Bev Phifer









Veterans can get quality care

Bob Handy, VUFT chair, would better spend his time in support of the Veterans Administration ("Vets for truth," March 27). I am a member of several veterans' groups, and a 100 percent combat disabled veteran, who spent a cold and bloody winter in North Korea more than half a century past. I have a father (World War I), an older brother (World War II), and a younger brother (Korea) who reside in a national cemetery as a result of their combat service disabilities. I thrive today at 79 years, enjoying the finest medical care in the world, provided by our Veterans Administration.

Any veteran, no matter what branch of service, needs but to provide the VA with his DD214 separation documents, and the truth will be told. If you meet the basic requirements, set by law, a veteran can gain access to the wonderful care provided by our VA. Fighting the system only prolongs your quest. All my life, I have heard "wannabes" trying to make a thin case for service-connected disability, phantom or real. Good luck, Bob.


Curt Lint

Los Osos








Victims should be allowed to defend themselves

I enjoyed your article on the failure of law enforcement to utilize the DOJ APPS resources, which could have protected victims of shootings ("Tempting fate," April 10). I am a gun owner and a law-abiding citizen. I have little patience for criminals or incompetent police--both of which are unfortunately in surplus in our society.

I am concerned about infringements on the rights of U.S. citizens to keep and bear arms. Let's face it, the police can neither keep criminals from getting guns, nor protect citizens from assailants. We must be able to protect ourselves--an ability that is crippled more and more every day. I think it's fair to say that at least some of the victims discussed in your article could have saved themselves if they were allowed to carry a concealed weapon. I am also in the knowledge that some victims have applied for a CCW permit and been refused in Santa Barbara, SLO, and L.A. counties.

Don't misunderstand me. I am not a gun nut who would revert our society to the Old West. I support much of the legislation that controls gun purchases and usage, such as background checks, safety tests, waiting periods, and sensible bans on assault weapons. I further agree that police should busy themselves removing guns from the hands of criminals (preferably by getting the criminals off the street). However, in light of recent laws attacking ammunition and the liberal mania in today's media, I must oppose in principle forces that vilify legal guns and gun owners. I am afraid that your readers will tend to use your article as a rallying cry against all guns, when I read it clearly as a sound call for better police work.

I would like to see a follow-up article from you pointing out the shortcomings of our law enforcement agencies to aid citizens in protecting themselves. Please include statistics on those who could have defended themselves had they been allowed to.


Ed Apalategui

Santa Maria







The happy face store scores

Well, the weekend came and I had my list of honey do's. I started with replacing the bathroom door handle. So, off to the big hardware store on the north end of town. Bought me a new shining door handle (made in China). Got the job completed and realized I should replace the hinges. I just went down to the local family-owned hardware store and bought a pair of hinges (made in China).

Well, since I'm here, I probably should get a new drill bit (made in China). Got all my do's done, so now it was time to balance the checkbook from spending my money. Wouldn't you know it? The calculator stopped working. Off to the electronics store to buy a new top-notch calculator (made in China).

On Sunday, we drove the many miles to Paso Robles to the store with a happy face. Bought me a new teakettle (made in China). So my question for Tom Comar and Deb Bukler: Where in Atascadero can I shop that has only American-made products? Also in my travels, I found out that the happy face store pays its workers the same or more as the other stores I visited last weekend. Good day!


Leroy Brown


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