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Dirtbikers aren't all the same

Mr. Bonestell: You sir, are a bigot("Ban all vehicles from all beaches," April 12)! Did you ever stop to think that maybe there are individuals who enjoy the off-road sport as a family recreation? Obviously not!

My son and I enjoy riding our dirtbikes because it's something we do together! That doesn't mean I let my 9-year-old son guzzle down a pint of beer and let him go rip-roaring through sensitive areas! You oughta be ashamed of yourself in believing that all OHV enthusiasts are the same! You want an environmentally friendly area? Go live in the middle of the ocean!

I'd appreciate it if you would not label me and my son as those anti-environmental thugs! I support it whole-heartedly, and if you have any children, you'd stop and think that maybe it's something to keep their interests alive in a sport that keeps them clean, healthy, and out of trouble if they are taught how to handle it correctly! If the county chooses to keep any OHV access closed, they're asking for trouble because those thugs will just look for another outlet! Think before you speak!

Michelle Rodkey

Arroyo Grande




There's more to worry about than riders

In response to "Ban all vehicles from all beaches" (April 12): You are right! The "ongoing" as you claim "vehicles on the beach controversy" is really a "no brainer!" What the hell is the problem, other than you obviously have an issue with ORVs? And what do pedophiles on the grounds of a pre-school have to do with or even compare to ORVs on the beach?

To say that people who visit the dunes and use ORVs are mean, nasty, rude, and stupid yahoos is absolutely ludicrous, and to think that such activity is comparable to a rapist claiming that his assaults on women are a valid form of sexual expression, as you put it, is outrageous to me! Are you crazy?

I have been to the dunes with family and friends for as long as I can remember, and never have I once seen vicious threats against park personnel and citizen volunteers! That's not to say that kind of activity never happens, but wake up and smell the coffee! Do you think that kind of activity doesn't happen in everyday life? There are far more serious and pertinent things happening in this world to worry about other than ORVs and ATV riders at the dunes! Sounds like you are just another environmentalist who has their head up their ass and should focus on the "real" problems in this world!

Amber Sager

Paso Robles




Oceano to be commended on dunes vote

The Oceano Community Services District is fortunate to have five directors with the hearts and minds it takes to turn a beleaguered town around. At their meeting on April 11, they stood up to the state and county. They voted "no sale" on 584 acres of county land for more than $4 million to the state Department of Parks and Recreation. San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors, take note. Your constituents who are the most impacted by the OHV have spoken.

Thumbs up to OCSD directors. Thumbs down to neighboring city councils.

Nell Langford

Pismo Beach




Anybody want to trade?

Why is it that every wacko enviro has to walk and swim on the little bit of beach off-roaders have left? Off-roaders have 1,500 acres enviros have 15,000 acres to do all their walking and swimming!

Attention enviros: Why didn't your mommy teach you to share?

Here is an idea: How about since the enviros love to walk in an "off-road" park so much, how about we trade? You can have 1,500 acres, and we will take the 15,000 acres you have! Sounds like a pretty fair trade since you all seem to love what we have we would sure like to have your half.

Anthony Herring





Not everyone here is on the same side

One of your letter writers ("It's not whether we love the country," April 12) complained bitterly about some people he met at a restaurant in Templeton who wore black T-shirts that said, "America, Love it or Leave It" written on the back in large red, white, and blue letters.

While it occurred to him that it could be a simple expression of affection for the country we live in, he decided that it could be "a classic conservative rant" and signal their disagreement with him about the war in Iraq. The letter writer then goes on to say how he "accepts the expression of all views under the principle of free speech," but he was offended by their message because they possibly could disagree with him, so he finally concluded that they must be fascists. If this is the most offensive thing he has seen on a T-shirt, he must have lived a very sheltered life.

I was in a restaurant in Redwood City about two years ago and overheard one man tell another one, "I hope we get our ass kicked in Iraq. That would teach George Bush a lesson." In other words, he hated George Bush so much he was willing to have our sons and daughters killed and wounded to show him up. I was offended. We need to keep in mind that just because someone lives in the United States, it doesn't mean they are on our side.

Robert Parkhurst





I'm offended by a couple of things

Allow me, please, to comment on the letter "It's not whether we love the country" (April 12). I, too, would be offended by black shirts that say, "America, Love it or Leave it." We all have a basic right to oppose undeclared presidential wars.

The writer professes to believe in free speech, no matter how intolerant. I disagree beyond a certain point. Hateful statements that attack opponents instead of issues are not acceptable. Manners and mutual respect are the foundations for civil discourse. The writer says he was offended by the message on the black shirts. Why be offended if "anything goes" and everything, no matter how crude and personal, is fired at opponents?

So, in a way, I'm offended by both the message on those shirts and the writer's professed support for intolerant public expression. Such messages only inflame others. Rather than ending conflict, they stoke it, and the line between verbal and physical violence is thin. One reason for America's high crime rate is unfettered expression of violent passions.

Steve T. Kobara

San Luis Obispo




Democrat candidates have a lot to consider

Roy Berger supports John Edwards for the Democrat nomination ("Presidential forecast looks dim for Democrats," April 12). He says neither Hillary nor Obama can win because one is a woman and the other is a black. But Berger does not address the real issue irrespective of who runs for president: What do Democrats stand for?

To be consistent with the party's initiatives, as evident today, the candidate (he or she) must support: the homosexual agenda's efforts legally and socially especially the orientation of children in the schools on the gay, lesbian, and bisexual lifestyles the right of women to abort their children before coming to term the continued fostering of the decline in family "traditional values" the disparagement of religion, especially Christianity, as Berger and most Democrats have a will to do the stacking of the Supreme Court with liberals to sustain the Democrat's socio-politico agenda the avowed campaign to undermine our military and affairs of state internationally (as evidenced by Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria) and the encouragement of the nation's terrorist enemies in the Middle East (such as Iran) so that the USA will be defeated and Bush and the Republicans embarrassed, with the hope that such political derision will assure the Democrats regaining the White House.

Democrats must take seriously who is the best candidate who serves the party's goals in all of these areas to be consistent with the party's evident direction today. These issues are the Democrat's real problem not who is running for president when the American public goes to the polls in November 2008.

Otis Page

Arroyo Grande



Here's an idea for saving the planet

Regarding Patrick Howe's "One gaseous goal" (April 5): Suppose we took an ancient aircraft carrier (retired after 40 years as obsolete, but really just to get money for building another) and positioned it so supports would let the tide fall beneath it, giving the weight potential energy to be taken off at low tide: x amount of feet per pound. Makes a nice floating self-powered city?

Or why not build a floating platform, say 40 acres, and do the same and pipe the power ashore? It couldn't matter if the deck was awash, or even slightly under the surface, right? The effect is the same?

Then why not let our massive weight, say 40,000 acres of submerged weight, be buoyant at 40 feet deep, and its bottom be at the height of the tide above the ocean's floor. Now we have billions of pound-feet of energy, which translates to the equivalent in kilowatt or now megawatt hours, twice a day, with no loss of viewshed or navigability, but it might reduce the power of riptides and change the wave patterns of Oceano beach to become safely swimmable and bring in tourist dollars.

Perhaps our wise supervisors and county engineers could determine if this amateur's thoughts on clean energy harvesting are foolish or if a program of building could be started. Surely the venture capital for such a deep-green project is out there. And such a relatively shallow platform would support a wind-harvesting array, and, to me, would not be hard to look at. We are talking about saving the planet for our children and theirs.

Charles Groth





Thank you, leaders, for your incredible role

One of the most effective ways to ensure the health and well-being of our communities into the future is to nurture and guide the next generation of leaders our youth. More than 4,000 women and men throughout the tri-counties give their time, energy, wisdom, passion, and caring to our youth through Girl Scouts.

Mentorship, wisdom, friendship, fun, adventure, and laughter are just a few of the many gifts Girl Scout volunteers share with the more than 6,000 girl members of Girl Scouts of Tres Condados. Girl Scout volunteers truly make a difference in the lives of our youth. Without these generous and dedicated individuals, there would be no Girl Scouts.

April 22 is Girl Scout Leader Day, an opportunity for us to acknowledge all the volunteer stars in the world of Girl Scouts of Tres Condados. For those of you with a daughter in Girl Scouts or with a friend who gives of his or her time to enrich the lives of girls through Girl Scouts, please take a moment to thank and acknowledge them.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." Girl Scout volunteers are preparing the girls and young women of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. On Leader Day and throughout the year, we applaud you! It does take a village to raise a child. Thank you for the incredible role you play.

Lynda Fairly


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