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Georgi was right

Thank you, David Georgi, for your letter to the editor in this week's New Times ('Braun was a Bush administration victim," Nov. 24-Dec. 1). You said it all exactly how it is with this president and his administration and
how it led to Marlene Braun's death as report-ed in the article 'To die on the plain" (Nov. 17-24).

I am 78 years old and this is the worst president I've had to live under. He most certainly should be impeached, now !


Gaynelle Wordeman

San Luis Obispo



Worst. President. Ever.

What has the gross mismanagement of
the Bureau of Land Management to do with the open aggression by the United States in
an unnecessary and wasteful war in the Middle East? Otis Page ('Stop the Bush bashing," Letters, Dec. 1-8) may believe that George Bush is the greatest president ever, but nearly seven out of every 10 people in this country believe otherwise. It won't matter if we are in Iraq another year, or 10, or 100. Islamists are killing each other now over religious grudges that have lasted 1,300
years! Whenever we leave they will revert to their traditional patterns and destroy everything we will have spent hundreds
of billions building.

The Bush regime is replete with one agency after another that has been handed over to the abysmal managerial talents of Bush's neocon cronies. The BLM is just another example of the evils of ineptness and avaricious greed that have come to inhabit the Pentagon, Homeland (In)Security, FEMA, EPA, FDA, and NIH in the interest of political control of public agencies, and all of us are the losers on the other end. History will show that Bush's regime is more corrupt than any administration in the history of this country, with the possible exceptions of Ulysses S. Grant and Warren G. Harding.


Clayton R. Marsh

Arroyo Grande


Could Marlene have claimed workers' comp?

The tragic suicide of Marlene Braun, an official of the Bureau of Land Management, which you covered, would hopefully have been avoided had she sought legal help. It is a great pity no one suggested a workers' compensation suit for a hostile work environment.

Here was a person doing a professional job whom it seems put her needs second. It is very wrong that her excellent job performance resulted in retaliation based on political issues.

Hopefully some monument or marker will be left at the plains - I would contribute to such - for Ms. Braun and her two dogs.


Marne Trevisano




Black-hole mail service in Atascadero

I live on Del Rio Road between El Camino Real and San Benito in Atascadero. I live on the right side when headed east. I know now this is the Bermuda Triangle of this area for mail delivery. I have neighbors across the street that do not experience what we do on our side. The person on Portola Road who wrote the letter in your paper ('Investigate my mail carrier," Nov. 24-Dec. 1) has got to be on our mail route; the same things happen to us.

I had a statement from my gas-card company go back saying I was not at this address. I have no idea why. When I called they said when the statement comes back like that they red flag the account. I waited for the carrier that day, and just like the lady from Portola Road said, it was between 5:30 and 6 p.m. when he came. The carrier said we are on the very end of the route and the regular carrier never gets to us so we get temps, etc. I worked in the restaurant business for a lot of years, and I thought, gee, the head waitress knew to schedule opening shift and closing shift. I thought it was odd that the postmaster couldn't schedule as efficiently as the head waitress.

I am glad someone put this right out there in the open. I was thinking it was the accepted standard for Atascadero, and was going to see if I could get a P.O. box in Templeton.


Frances Holliday





Is Bush really causing all our problems, Jerry?

Well, I see Mr. James continues to inform us about the evils of the Bush administration (Jerry James, Nov. 24-Dec. 1). Funny the way he has no problem letting us know, through his political cartoons, of a world laid to waste by the cabal of Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld. Seems sort of odd to me he has never to my knowledge drew a caricature of a crazed and ghoulish Muslim holding the dagger of Allah in one hand and a bloody head of a westerner in the other. Yes sir, Jerry, if it weren't for the evil Bush administration we would all live in a virtual Garden of Eden.


Phillip V. Moffat

Morro Bay



Suggestions for the lake

Re 'Saving Laguna Lake," Dec. 1-8: I row my scull on Laguna Lake two or three times a week. My boat draws about six inches, so depth isn't a problem. Algae stench is.

Rather than experience intrusive dredging, why not control the flow out of the lake and add more water to it? From early April to Dec. 1, I estimate that the depth has fallen about two feet based upon where my boat could be launched from the ramp then and now. Little rain, absorption, and evaporation probably account for the decline.

Rather than dumping treated wastewater into San Luis Bay, could some be diverted to the lake? Certainly when the big water project comes to SLO our beautiful lake should be a prime recipient.

Regarding the high levels of fecal matter in the water around the area where most birds congregate, the city should discourage people from feeding them. Because that's why they congregate there and pollute the water to dangerous levels.


Ken Gagala

San Luis Obispo



Laguna Lake is worth saving

Thank you, Glen Starkey, for your informative article on Laguna Lake. I especially appreciated the background and history. Although I was born in SLO and I have lived on Oceanaire Drive since 1978, I had no idea when or how the lake had come to be. I think local elementary schools should sponsor field trips around the lake to study its rich biology and wildlife.

The proposed $10 million dredging fee is mind-boggling - who came up with that amount, and was there a competitive bidding process? I can't help thinking that 'back in the day" someone with Alex Madonna's entrepreneurial spirit would probably have come up with a much cheaper and more practical solution. I favor the idea of periodic annual dredging on a smaller, more affordable scale.

People whose only exposure to Laguna Lake is a quick drive-by on Madonna Road miss the lake's peaceful scenic beauty from other vantage points. There are gorgeous views of the water, marshes, and mountains in the background that resemble a tranquil Japanese landscape print, and the ever-changing scenarios of light and waterfowl are endlessly fascinating.

Laguna Lake is truly a local gem worth preserving.


Denise Wessels

San Luis Obispo



Local businesses do spend locally

Alexi Nix ('The grass is always greener," Letters, Dec. 1-8) is certainly not aware that statistically 68 percent of each dollar spent at local businesses is re-spent locally, compared to 38 percent of each dollar spent at chains. This certainly does help the local economy.

I personally own a small business, and consciously spend my money on local small businesses. I bank locally, and yes, buy my jewelry, clothing, food, furniture, etc. from local small businesses. As a small-business owner I also appreciate the support of the community. It is time that people become aware of their spending habits and instead of buying more for less in the utmost consumer fashion, buy consciously. I will take that Dana Adobe for a dime. Is it yours to sell?


Marcy A. Israel

San Luis Obispo



New Times is a winner

Thank you, New Times and Christopher Gardner, for again outdoing yourselves with the 2005 Winning Images Photo Contest. The outdoor slide show, elaborate refreshments, and warm hospitality enhanced the magic of the evening. Chris, I know it was a team effort. Having said that, please let me convey my appreciation for your passion and enthusiasm. Your special gifts are refreshing, encouraging, and enjoyable. Thank you!


Miss Lindy

Sam Hill Photo Gallery



Pismo Beach North?

Re 'Atascadero, enforce your noise ordinances," Letters, Nov. 17-24, by Doug Marks:

Sorry to say this, Doug, but we have the same type of noise and police problem in San Miguel! I have called the sheriff's department 10 times in the last two months to complain about the noise of sometimes eight to 10 motorcycles in and around the new bridge behind our home for hours on end.

The sheriff's department dispatchers have been the rudest people I have spoken to in awhile except for the young punk last week that was trying to pry open the fence to get his Ford Ranger into the river!

We have called Harry Ovitt's and Abel Maldonado's office, and received an apology letter from Sam Blakeslee's office telling us no one should have to live under these conditions, yet nothing has been done.

When we moved here two years ago people rode their horses in the river and families could take walks in the riverbed. Now you would be taking your life in your life in your hands if you dared to invade their private riding grounds!

With all of the growth in North County, this will soon be known as Pismo Beach North if the county supervisors don't step up to the plate and do their job!

Cliff Denny

San Miguel



Riders have nowhere else to go

David McCay, so there is a new Atascadero housing development going up next to a private motocross track and you think this may be a problem ('Atascadero's incompetence is appalling, Letters, Dec. 1-8)? No sh*t, Sherlock, for years local riders have lost stadiums and raw land to development. Development that has in many cases brought new riders with it. I would bet that one or two of those new houses, David, will be owned by motorcycle riders.

The Central Coast was once a haven for motorcycle riders; this was a quieter time slowly eroded by bulldozers, sprawl, and mini malls. Paso Robles is a prime example where new proposed development will surely end a local track that has been ridden on by families for over 30 years. Thank goodness for the great crop of wine we have; we will need it to drown our sorrows for what we once had.

Racers used to have a stadium in Atascadero where controlled, entertaining events were the order of the day. Now there are more riders, and that stadium, along with others, has gone. Riders now ride wherever they can in uncontrolled areas, annoying people. David and fellow writer Doug, I understand your hatred for the noise and anger at the police for not dealing with the situation, so do something about it. Learn your history of this area; what racers have lost - the law-enforcement charity motocross in the riverbed, for example. Then join the riding community in finding us places to ride for all off-road disciplines.


Malcolm Roe

Santa Margarita

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