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We can finally see the yellow lines
On the morning of August 3, around 11:30 a.m., this writer was awestruck to be stopped by a flag man directing traffic into Price Street going north and coming past Pomeroy going south.

Congratulations to the Engineering Department of the City of Pismo Beach for finally finding the finances to the tune of a couple of thousands of dollars to alleviate a serious safety problem at the intersection of Price Canyon Road becoming one-way at Hinds and Price Street.

As one came from east on Price Canyon Road to take a left turn to go to the southbound 101 freeway, it was impossible to discern the demarcation as to the separation of the southbound traffic from the northbound traffic on Price Street.

It took nearly a year to do that after this writer made a point of it, and nearly six months after I got a call from the second-in-command that they are working on it. Thank heavens no serious mishaps did happen.

One wonders if the present council members ever drive on the dilapidated Pismo Beach roads. The yellow double lines are finally painted after nearly three years of faded demarcation. Brahama

D. Sharma

Pismo Beach



Dalidio vote is wrong
After listening to the August 2 Dave Congalton show and the detailed discussions of the traffic impacts from the Dalidio project, it has become very clear why putting this to a vote is the wrong thing to do.

Mr. Shoals and Mr. Cox are so busy throwing around distorted and skewed statistics, that they have lost sight of the main point. The voting booth is not the appropriate avenue for approving complex projects. The processes we (the public) put in place, albeit a tedious bureaucracy, contain preventive measures designed to keep "spin" from driving development decisions. If Mr. Dalidio offered a project our professional public servants, planners, and bureaucrats could find acceptable, he wouldn't have to try so hard to win "our hearts."

Jeri Siegel

Arroyo Grande



Fight gridlock and traffic back-ups
The smoke is beginning to clear, and serious problems with the Dalidio Ranch ballot initiative are finally getting some attention.

According to the SLO Council of Governments, the lack of viable plans for an interchange at Prado Road will lead to "traffic failure" at several major intersections. That means gridlock and back-ups like we've never seen before in SLO County, including Highway 101.

Cost estimates for a new interchange and upgrades at Los Osos Valley Road and Madonna Road add up to $100 million. Measure J offers to set aside only $10 million for roads, leaving county taxpayers and others with the lion's share of the cost.

Perhaps the most telling point made by SLOCOG is that "the initiative is written to free the developer of the responsibility to mitigate its traffic impacts." In other words, their backsides are covered. They can build the project outside of the approval process everyone else has to follow, but if something goes wrong, someone else will have to fix it. That's what development by ballot initiative is all about: build first, deal with the problems later. Isn't that how Los Angeles was developed?

Here's the good news. It's still easy to avoid the risk of bringing traffic jams and smog to SLO County: Just say "no" to Measure J.

Alan Thomas

San Luis Obispo



'Not Jewish' doesn't mean 'safe'
"Learn your Middle East history" (August 3) merits attention. Facts Knight neglected to include, which preceded the 1967 Israeli attack are: Egypt (1) had sent repeated Fedayeen incursions into Israel, (2) demanded that the U.N. pull its emergency force from the Sinai (eliminating the buffer between Egypt and Israel), and the U.N. complied, (3) closed the Straits of Tiran, the Gulf of Aqaba, blockading Israeli shipping, (4) nationalized the Suez Canal, and (5) amassed a 2-million man army in preparation to attack Israel.

Blockade alone is an act of war.

Furthermore, Ellman's comment that Israel has been "home to the Jewish people for thousands of years" ("Anti-Semitism is alive and well," July 27) is hardly undermined by countering with the statement that it's been almost a thousand and a half for Arab, Turk, or even Martian.

And Peterson ("Why won't Bush end this?" August 3) and Parkinson ("We should be able to stop further bloodshed," August 3) are sickened by the images from Qana? Where have they been? Hezbollah, Hamas, et al, routinely stand behind their women and children in battles. There is no conscience about doing this at all, and then crying wolf.

And where were Peterson and Parkinson when terrorists targeted and mutilated Israeli children on their way to school? Maybe one needs to investigate the now-growing evidence that Qana was staged for the media, as was Jenin and so many other crying-wolf episodes.

Why won't Bush end this? Possibly so there will then be less terrorism for the rest of the world to fight. If you think you are safe just because you're not Jewish, you should think again, as should New York, London, Madrid, Bali.

FYI: World Christian population is 33 percent, Muslim is 19.6 percent, and Jewish is 0.2 percent.

Sharlot Sunshine

Los Osos




The homeland of the Jews hasn't changed
Mr. Knight ("Learn your Middle East history," August 3), in responding to my letter ("Anti-Semitism is alive and well," July 27), assumes I have "forgotten" Turkish and Arab "dominance" in Israel. He failed to include Roman, by the way. But his statement does nothing to address or discredit the fact that Israel and the land formerly known as Judea was and has been the homeland of Jews for thousands of years.

May I also point out to Mr. Knight that Israel, prior to its "preemptive" strike initiating the Six Day War, was already being attacked by Syria and Palestinian guerillas.

Lisa Ellman

Los Osos




What's up with the rental market here?
I understand that by living in a college town prices are inherently higher. But can someone please explain to me what has happened to the rental market in San Luis Obispo?

As a student here, I expect to pay more for housing than in other areas, but with such scarce housing availability for the amount of people living here, property managers and landlords have decided to up all of the prices. As if raising tuition rates wasn't bad enough, for some of us already struggling college kids who don't have support from Mommy and Daddy, trying to find a place to live at a decent rate is like actually graduating in four years: It's impossible!

Have mortgage payments suddenly skyrocketed to a point that myself and the rest of the public are unaware of? Because every time I look for any housing and see two-bedroom apartments listed upwards of $1,500, I can't help but feel like we are being ripped off. So if you see me come September and I have become another SLO homeless person, thank your local property manager for making that possible. I know I sure will.

Jemma Wilson

San Luis Obispo




Schwarzenegger's going to win
Phil Angelides is going to lose, and here's why.

Twenty-five percent of registered voters are independent or undeclared. This group controls the outcome of state and nationwide elections. Both main parties are controlled by radical one-issue activists, the Democrats more than the Republicans.

Had the Democrats chosen Steve Westly instead of Angelides in the primary, we'd have a real horse race now. But no, Westly wasn't supported by the radical one-issue groups.

Angelides doesn't have the support of the independent voters. That is why Schwarzenegger who is more attractive to the independents won last time and will win again. And why the Democrats lost the last two presidential elections and the Congress and will keep on losing. They reject the candidates who can draw independents voters who generally are rational moderates and progressive realists, willing to compromise on issues.

That is why Angelides is way behind in fund-raising, too. But no matter how much he raises, he will lose, and so will the Congressional Democrats. It doesn't take a crystal ball to

see that.

Roy Berger

Arroyo Grande





Stop the unkindest cuts
Now, as violence against innocents as well as belligerents flares around the world, and cowardly and corrupt leaders seem to be leading us to mass annihilation, it may seem trivial to focus on so small a crime as the deliberate surgical mutilation of babies, yet it is one crime of violence that we can and should address now, as no decent person, after sober consideration, can think it is right to lay a one-week-old baby on a table and deliberately flay away its living flesh. Yes, before a week, the infant's blood does not clot well, and the parents and cutters prefer the baby not bleed to death.

Some of our newer residents have brought with them the charming practice of even more radical and surely painful surgery on helpless girls. Do not make the mistake of considering these heinous procedures as harmless cosmetics, or that you and I are not complicit in these crimes just because we are accustomed to tolerating them. This violence against babies should be made a felony by the state and federal representatives and prohibited by local child-abuse councils.

If we do not end it now, when? And if not you and I, then who?

Charles Groth





Stand up for peace
There is a terrible war going on in the Middle East, with many women and children being killed and wounded. The infrastructure of Lebanon is being destroyed. In Iraq, civil war is increasing and, again, many civilians are being killed and wounded. The U.S. troops are still dying and having horrific injuries, with the numbers increasing daily. Before the end of the year, it will probably be at 3,000 deaths. Things are getting worse in Afghanistan, and several countries in Africa are still fighting and committing genocide!

Now, more than ever, we need to stand in a silent vigil for peace with the Women in Black. All are welcome to join us men and women and I invite youth to come stand for peace with us! We stand on the third Saturday of every month. This month, we stand on August 19, from noon to 1 p.m., on the corner of El Camino and Highway 41, by the Rite Aid parking lot in Atascadero. Just wear black, for mourning. We have signs. It is time for us all to "stand up for peace!" For more information, call 438-3764.

Dee Carroll

Santa Margarita



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