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Leave change up to our leaders? Seriously?

Let me get this straight.

Patrick Howe doesn't think the individual has much influence on global climate change ("Global pizza," May 3). And that corporations getting involved is highly suspicious. So the answer is our government leaders should be doing something about it. These, the same government leaders who have brilliantly led us into taking down a horrible dictator, with WMDs under his bed, and installing an efficient, popular democratic government at little cost in lives or money.

Gosh, I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about how "our leaders" will lead us out of this global climate quagmire. Where do I buy an air-conditioned ark?

Alan Anderson





Check out other nursing options quickly

I just finished your article about Cuesta College's closure of the nursing program due to the lengthy wait list to get in ("Would-be nurses have to wait," April 26). My son is on that wait list. I am writing this letter from Oklahoma where he and I have just finished our visit to Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee. He has been accepted into their Bachelor of Nursing program and will finish his BSN about the same time he might finally be admitted to Cuesta.

OBU has welcomed him with open arms. They have an excellent nursing program and the students will do clinical work in big hospitals in Oklahoma City. The campus is attractive, the people are nice, the instructors committed, and the tuition costs are on par with the costs to attend a California State University out of town. They offer generous financial aid, including scholarships. The college review journal, Princeton Review, gives this school thumbs up.

OBU has other students from California and still has 15 nursing slots open for fall. Want to be a nurse? Check it out, but act quick.

J. B. Parker

San Luis Obispo




Remember the soldiers and their mothers

I wonder how many of the sons and daughters buying cards and flowers for Mother's Day know that this holiday was started by Julia Ward Howe (who wrote The Battle Hymn of the Republic) in response to the Franco-Prussian war, which she believed to be an example of war as "a cruel and unnecessary contest ..."

Howe wrote in her Mother's Day proclamation, "Arise all women who have hearts, whether your baptism be that of water or of tears! ... In the name of womanhood and of humanity, I earnestly ask that a general congress of women without limit of nationality may be appointed ... to promote ... the great and general interests of peace."

Blowin' In The Wind meets each month to read the names of soldiers killed in Iraq the previous month. On May 12, the day before Mother's Day, we will be in the SLO Mission Plaza at noon to read the names of the 104 U.S. soldiers who died in Iraq in April, the highest number in one month this year. More than 375 U.S. soldiers have died so far in 2007, almost 3,400 since March 2003.

Women and men, please stand with us on the day before Mother's Day in acknowledgment of the soldiers who have died in Iraq and of their mothers whose grief will forever be unrelenting.

Hedy Carra

San Luis Obispo




Bikini-clad 'model' worries me

As a long time San Luis Obispo resident, I am a frequent shopper in downtown. I have never been so disgusted by any selling technique than today, this beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon (April 28).

As I and the many other residents and tourists grazed along Higuera, I was surprised to notice a group of young men with their hands and faces pressed up against the glass at the Coverings boutique. I wasn't sure what these men could be gawking at in a mainly women's store until I could see into the window as well. Perched on a lounge chair in the front window was a young girl in nothing but a skimpy bathing suit thumbing through a magazine. I was instantly shocked and appalled that this is what we have come to in order to try to increase sales. This struck me a completely inappropriate ploy with no real intent.

I stood there and watched as the potential women clientele of Coverings either walked by, heads turned uncomfortably, or laughed at the awkwardness of the scantily clad young girl. It is sad that in a city such as ours, where people come from near and far to experience the small-town charm and great weather, we have to sink to the level where, instead of displaying and promoting the merchandise for sale, we shamelessly sell an innuendo for a little publicity.

People were upset about what the nearly naked mannequins in the Victoria's Secret windows said about our city. I'm worried about what a nearly naked girl in a window says about our children, our future.

Lilly Carver

San Luis Obispo




Thank you, Otis

Good to see our Otis Page Mad-Lib ("How to write like Otis," April 26) paid almost immediate dividends, as Mr. Page used the darn thing to compose his very own rebuttal ("I am Otis Page," May 3). Thanks for proving our point, Otis!

Patrick Mallon

Jim Mallon





Very Shakespearian wordsmithing, Otis

I'm writing to commend letter writer Otis Page's eloquence on the subject of liberal homosexuality. I have seen your letters on the topic in papers throughout the county and would like to say your ability to wordsmith reminds me of William Shakespeare. Particularly the line "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Justin Pheley

Los Osos




Bill punishes violence, not thought

I always eagerly await the next dissertation from Otis Page to see if I, as a gay, atheistic Democrat, might be included in his subject matter. In his letter, "I am Otis Page" (May 3), I scored on two counts. Not bad.

I am surprised that Democrats all by themselves supported "homosexual legislation to educate children in our schools on the homosexual lifestyles in the false name of toleration." I do believe that open-minded legislators and the general citizenry see nothing false or problematic about letting young folks know that homosexuals are human beings, just as they are, who have been divinely assigned to be what they are living their lives, not "lifestyles."

I find it interesting, however, that Otis Page opines that the "hate crimes" legislation wending its way through Congress is meant "to establish that criticism of homosexuals is a criminal act." Nothing could be further from the truth, as he would see if he had read the text of HR 1592. The bill as passed by the House expands the federal hate crimes law covering felony crimes based on sexual orientation, gender, or disability in addition to the existing categories of race, color, national origin, or religion. These crimes involve bodily injury or death to the persons in the above categories. There is nothing there about thinking critical thoughts about people in any of these categories as proffered by James Dobson and Rep. John Boehner, two of the many gay-haters who plague our society.

Yes, Otis Page, you are Otis Page and I look forward to your next treatise.

Richard Kinz





Give designated drivers a break

Ever gone to a bar, parked your car, and gone in and had a good time, pausing briefly to exit the establishment for a smoke to see the local 5-0 writing down plate numbers and then just lying in wait for anyone leaving the bar?

Bam you're pulled over, the cop walks up to your window fully expecting to have you step out and perform a multitude of dance moves that they can't even do. Done with those, you inquire as to your passing said moves. He just shakes his head a little, as if to say, "It don't look good." He then asks if you're willing to do a little blow, that is the venerable Breathalyzer.

Much to his dismay, it comes up as 0.00. How could this be? No quota. Then, sheepishly, you fess up. Excuse me, Mr. Officer, I am the DD. Designated driver. Apology accepted.

Maybe that kind of attention should be paid to all the drunk drivers at the wine festival. Or sit on Union Drive and watch the swerving out-of-towners as they try through fuzzy eyes to find their next wine stop.

Give the good guys a break.

L. W. Bull

Paso Robles




Let's keep lightning out of NASA's hands

According to the National Geographic channel, one bolt of lightning has enough energy to power the entire United States.

With all the money, let alone lives, wasted on useless wars, why is Congress not making money available to research this? I know there are obstacles to be overcome, but there were in rocketing to the moon, too. Flywheels and capacitors are a couple of ways the large discharge of electricity could be stored. Look at its many advantages. No waste to get rid of or store for ages, no polluted environment, and reduction in dependence on foreign fuel.

I am sure with research stations in areas with a lot of lightning strikes, something could be developed. We know all other sources of clean energy have limited capacities, so let's add lightning to our list of alternatives.

However, let's keep it out of NASA's hands. There's a bureaucracy that's only interested in blowing money on space projects and doesn't want interest in more practical projects to take funds away from it.

Roy Berger

Arroyo Grande




I want open space preserved

I am writing to clarify my position regarding the proposed annexations of four properties above Johnson Avenue ("Will the greenbelt buckle?" May 3). I appreciate Patrick Howe's comprehensive coverage of the issue, and want to recognize that he does quote me correctly on my thoughts against supporting rampant hillside development as seen in other areas such as Santa Barbara and San Clemente.

However, there is a statement taken out of context that seems to imply I would not be opposed to the city seeking a deal with the landowners.ÜI do not want to see the developers run back to the city with reincarnations of bad hillside developments in any way, shape, or form.ÜDevelopment of this nature certainly doesn'tÜwarrant taking away natural wildlife habitat, changing the urban reserve line and myriad Community Design Guidelines and General Plan policies that are in place to protect the citizens of this community. The only deal we would like to see is a deal with the landowners and the city and/or Land Conservancy to acquire all property in question as permanent open space to help fill the gaps in San Luis Obispo's "protection-worthy" greenbelt.

ÜCarol Rich

San Luis Obispo




Our troops have done enough

Every time I hear the phrase "Support Our Troops" I think "Support Our Insanity." Insanity is making the same mistake over and over, expecting a different result. Invasion and occupation of other countries never works. Consider the sorry history of colonialism, Nazi occupation of France, Israeli occupation of Palestine, or the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

If the sacrifices of our troops mean anything, it will be to demonstrate that even the most powerful military on Earth cannot impose occupation of another country. They have done enough. Bring them home.

Bill Walther

Arroyo Grande

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