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My mind is open 

I'm all ears. Please, John Donegan ("Open your mind," Aug. 1), explain to me why I should even remotely consider supporting current Republican ideas or voting for a Republican candidate.

I have listened. I have watched. What I have heard and seen are "mere ideas" that have put forth policies, practices, and actions/inactions that have profoundly affected our nation in the most terrible ways. Republicans have elected and supported a person for president who has been accused of sexual assault and rape (including of a 13-year-old girl when partying with his buddy Jeffery Epstein), is a pathological liar, has and continues to practice corruption for monetary gain while in office, and has obviously committed multiple felonies. He is a racist and promotes racism in others and the inhumane treatment of immigrants.

What irony in your last lines: "I have to run. There is another torchlight march coming up my street. Hearing your name chanted angrily is always a bit disturbing."

Just imagine how disturbing it would be if this really happened to you. Trump attacks the free press, idolizes murderous dictators, and surrounds himself with yes-men who want to disable our democratic processes and our government agencies. The Republican party promotes war, continually attempts to suppress voter participation, encourages the intrusion of religion into politics, gives huge tax breaks to the very wealthy, and wants to deny access to affordable health care and education for all citizens under the cry of socialism. They have repeatedly blocked legislation on gun control, and they ignore the existence of and dangers of climate change. Having an open mind does not mean believing any of this is justified or acceptable.

But hey, write away. I may read what you write (if you have something valuable to say), but sorry, I just can't bring myself to watch Fox news. No propaganda for me. I want to keep my mind open, but protected, because I value not only it, but also my heart and soul.

Kathy Riedmann

Los Osos

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