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Mike White 

Owner, Boo Boo Records

New Times: Are people still buying vinyl, or do you see CDs and MP3s wiping them out in the near future?


White: Yes, people are still buying vinyl. The format has actually been enjoying a bit of a renaissance over the last several years and as more people have discovered it or returned to it and created this new demand, more vinyl is being pressed and more new releases are now becoming available not just on CD, but on LP as well ... a bit of a snowball effect.


New Times: Do you see trends in the styles of music that become popular again? What is the most popular right now?


White: We see all styles of music selling here at Boo Boo’s. There does not appear to be a trend to or away from any of them. Rock, because of the wide net it throws, is the best- selling genre, but we see so many other styles (jazz, blues, reggae, classical, hip-hop, world, country/folk/bluegrass, R&B, dance, etc.) sell well.


New Times: What do you see as true classic rock?


White: When people think of classic rock, I think their mind goes to the music that was coming out in the ’60s and ’70s … bands like the Stones, Led Zepellin, Pink Floyd, the Who, and tons of others.  There are bands today that have that “classic rock” feel (Kings of Leon, perhaps) but for me classic rock happened a long time ago but is, happily, constantly being updated, tweaked, and reinvented.


New Times: Why was the other wing of your store closed?


White: We closed that portion of the store because we could no longer afford the luxury of the extra floor space.  It’s a tough economy and we were seeking some relief.  It amounted to about 25 percent of our rent but only about 15 percent of our inventory, so we just squeezed everything into the other side and have become a more efficient operation. Everybody’s under the same roof now. ∆

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