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Re: “Steynberg Gallery reopens as The 4 Cats Café and Gallery

Used to be Farmer's Brothers Coffee way back. Back during the time that Frank's was Arctic Circle, Splash was Ed's Burgers, and the little hotel was a welding shop. Long ago...

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Posted by Matthew Giuffrida on 08/26/2018 at 8:04 PM

Re: “Conflicting visions: Measure G puts a decision about the future of oil in SLO County on the November ballot

Whether people want to admit it or not, we live in an industrial/technological society which is and will remain dependent on oil. I own a hybrid and actually quite like it, but we utilize oil in so many different ways that most people can't keep track. All of us reading and commenting on this very article do so on devices which are largely made of plastic derived from oil. I'm all for increasing efficiency, applying safety regulations, and so on, but even if every private car was electric, we still have to fuel trucks, tractors, locomotives, ships and aircraft. We cannot do without these means of transportation. Plant-based fuels are a hoax. Ethanol from corn is a scam; it requires immense inputs to produce one gallon, which then produces fewer BTUs and also is hard on engines. Brazil bulldozed thousands of hectares of rain forest to produce fuel derived from sugar cane, so I don't believe that was a good trade. Someone commented that this oil gets processed and sold elsewhere. So what? We don't keep every bottle of wine here in the County, but it's still a huge economic activity for local residents. I'm in favor of rooftop solar (not giant farms) and wind if we can redesign the turbines to stop eating raptors. But we are going to continue to need oil, natural gas, plastics, etc. As an aside, I'm OK with eliminating plastic bags, but creating a cumbersome new bureaucracy to monitor our bag use was idiotic. Just say no plastic, and let the stores go back to giving us paper bags like they used to. Whew, this caffeinated commenting is fun, but time to start my day.

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Posted by Matthew Giuffrida on 07/12/2018 at 10:27 PM

Re: “Pick your side

I read the L.A. Times article on Judge Brack. He wrote letter after letter to Barack Obama, about the issues which were troubling him, and got no response. Which seems, at least on its face, to implicate previous administrations. But now the issue is presented as entirely new, without precedent, when this has been occurring for a long time. Can we stop with the manufactured outrage and clearly partisan histrionics, and discuss this issue in its complete historical context? What immigration policies shall we have? Open borders? What do you propose, Mr. Cuddy? Are we to be a nation with discrete borders, or not? And if not, how will that work? Inane, shopworn (and entirely inappropriate) references to the Holocaust get us exactly nowhere.

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Posted by Matthew Giuffrida on 07/07/2018 at 4:54 AM

Re: “Look behind the green door

Wow, why the hate on LTC (Ret.) Fonzi? He makes claims about Congressional and ONI reports which are quantifiable. Either the reports were issued and make the assertions he claims they do, or they weren't. Why do certain perennials on this site have such a viscerally hateful reaction to anyone who's a conservative? If you're confident in your positions, one would assume that you could approach the debate with some equanimity. Apparently not. One begins to wonder if the Leftists are really sure of themselves. Certainly there's no grace or tact in much of the spittle-flecked ranting which passes for dialogue on these boards. Let's all calm down. Jeez. Talking about how anyone who dares disagree is evil is just silly. Let's talk about the impact of windmills on raptor populations. Let's talk about the destruction of large swaths of unique desert habitats for gigantic solar farms. Let's talk about the impact of rare earth metals extraction (vital ingredients in panels and batteries) on ecosystems in Africa and Tibet, where the PRC is ravaging everything in its path. Let's debate honestly and hopefully without childish and empty threats of poisoning people's food with jimsonweed. So, LTC Fonzi, I say keep going. This NCO has your back.

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Posted by Matthew Giuffrida on 07/06/2018 at 10:40 PM

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