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Joy Barlogio of Jack Creek Farms 

New Times: How worried are you about the lack of rain this year?

Barlogio: Actually, very. Most of our crops are non-irrigated, so we really depend on rainfall, especially for the fruit trees. If the soil isn’t moist, we won’t be able to plant late-season crops like safflower and pumpkins.


New Times: Are there any crops that kick ass during droughts?

Barlogio: Nothing good. Yellow star thistle weeds seem to do well no matter what.


New Times: Have you done any rain dances or cloud seeding to bring on the drops?

Barlogio Definitely prayer. The little bit we’ve had lately is encouraging. Every little bit helps, and I’m optimistic that we’ll get a good grain crop.


New Times: How much rain do we need to bring to save winter?

Barlogio: I’d have to defer to husband on that one, as much as I hate to say it. We get more water here than the inland farms get, but we certainly need more.


New Times: What if it doesn’t come?

Barlogio: That’s a good question. Last year was too much rain at all the wrong times. This year, there’s not enough. But that’s farming. You try to stay diversified so you’re not dependant on one crop. We’re small and nimble enough to change when we have to, but larger farms aren’t as lucky. ∆

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