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Joe Anderson, Santa Claus 



NEW TIMES How many times does your beard get pulled per day?

ANDERSON/CLAUS Probably in a four-hour shift about three to six times, depending on how early the shift. It's mostly the younger kids.

NEW TIMES What was the most requested toy this year?

ANDERSON/CLAUS Boys, it's legos. Girls, American Girl dolls. Older kids want iPods, iPod touch, Kindles. The kids this year have been good, asking for the right things like books and art supplies. I've had more ask this year than the seven year before.

NEW TIMES What do you do in your free time?

ANDERSON/CLAUS Coach travel softball 20 to 25 hours per week for free...and without a doubt make toys!

NEW TIMES Have there been any elf layoffs this year because of the economy?

ANDERSON/CLAUS No way, because all of my elves do it all for free. They do it for the childrens’ sake.

NEW TIMES What is the best part of being Santa Claus?

ANDERSON/CLAUS The best part is easy—to see the joy in the kids’ eyes. If you're not what Santa is supposed to be you shouldn't be in the chair.

NEW TIMES How old are you?

ANDERSON/CLAUS 432 this year.

NEW TIMES How many cookies have you eaten in your lifetime?

ANDERSON/CLAUS If you filled the Rose Bowl with cookies, me and the reindeer have had that many.

NEW TIMES What did YOU get for Christmas? What did you get for Mrs. Claus?

ANDERSON/CLAUS I got a kiss from Mrs. Claus, and I bought her a bottle of Chanel no. 5.

NEW TIMES How does Mrs. Claus feel about you kissing all of those moms?

ANDERSON/CLAUS Mrs. Claus knows they're all on the cheek and the good ones are all for her.

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