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Hungry to be Hitchcock 

Two local professionals teach youth about filmmaking

New Times This is the first year for the SLO Film Festival’s summer workshop for aspiring young filmmakers …

MADE FOR THE MARQUEE:  The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival is offering a two-week summer workshop for aspiring young filmmakers from July 14-24.
  • MADE FOR THE MARQUEE: The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival is offering a two-week summer workshop for aspiring young filmmakers from July 14-24.
Alan Fraser Yes. I’m leading the older group, the 10th- to 12th-graders. We are going to get together as a group and learn a little about movie making, about how to tell a story, how to use film to tell a story, and we are going to make a movie.

New Times You teach at Arroyo Grande High School?

Fraser Yes, I teach video production and photography, and I teach film courses at Hancock College. I have a photography business, as well.

New Times So leading a workshop like this is right up your alley?

Fraser Yeah. Ever since I switched from being a business major to being a film major in college, I’ve been into filmmaking and writing screenplays and that segued into teaching film, as well.

New Times What can your students expect?

Fraser They can expect to understand the beginning, middle, and end of the process of making a film, and along the way they’re going to understand the difficulties that can come up, learning to work in teams…but it’s not a heavy-handed thing. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Everybody will get a chance to do everything—we will rotate directors, actors, and editors.

New Times Why are you participating in this workshop for kids?

Aaron Metchik It’s a really cool project, I remember when I was a kid and I would go to movies every weekend and I would be so amazed at what I saw, and wanted to be a part of that … Other than acting, which you can see on screen, there is so much going on behind the scenes in filmmaking, that if you’re just sitting in the audience, you don’t know about. It’s this great mystery, and I would have loved, when I was in grade school, to have had somebody come in and tell me about what the filmmaking process is and all the different intricate positions that people play, the different technological resources that go into filmmaking, and to give me a chance to take a little video camera and give it my best shot at making a short film. So it makes me happy because [the participants] are people who really want to learn that, and if I can teach them whatever I know, that will be very satisfying.

New Times What is the Apple Store’s involvement?

Metchik They are giving a free editing demonstration to the students. It is such a great time to be an independent filmmaker—I am talking about people making $2 million independent films, and I’m talking about people who are taking 25 bucks and buying tapes at Walmart and going out with their home video camera to make movies. Mac has helped me a lot, and it offers a lot of great software for young filmmakers.

New Times Why do you think kids should sign up for this workshop?

Metchik If they’re passionate about film or love film they will learn a lot. They will get the experience of making their own film and scene from a film—everyone is going to get to direct something. It’s going to be a fun two weeks. Even if film isn’t something they want to pursue, it’s still something that will be a great time, a few of us getting together and making movies.

New Times What will the first day be like for the kids?

Metchik By the end of the first day, I’m hoping we will have made our first little movie. We will have learned a little bit about filmmaking, taken out the camera, we will have a one-page scene, we will film it, put it in the computer, edit it, put some music behind it, make credits, and by the end of the first day I’m hoping we will have made a short movie.



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