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Hold the Twinkies and bourbon 

Arroyo Grande

How about a New Year’s resolution that works for everybody: Listen to what adults tell you! If they say no to some food you offer, don’t say just try it; or forget your diet, it’s the holidays; or I made this special; or I baked all day. Don’t keep insisting. There is a reason they say no. It could be allergies, religion, health, or your cooking could be really bad. Whatever the reason, it is their reason and should be respected. Too many well-meaning people keep on and on like time-share salesmen.  

 The same is true for drinks. I don’t drink for any other reason than liquor really tastes bad! I’ve heard people say with the best of intentions, “Just taste this one. It’s a new label. Mix it with this; after the second one you won’t taste it anyway.”  My personal favorite is, “It’s an acquired taste.” My response is “Why would I want to acquire a taste for something that tastes so bad!” I don’t need it to relax or get crazy. I can do that on my own.

If you want to be a super friend, stop taking donuts to the work place or cakes and cookies to family affairs. Substitute veggies and salads; use low-fat, low-sugar dressing. Remember, low-fat items usually contain extra sugar. With the epidemic of obesity and consequent diabetes in the U.S., don’t be an enabler, be a trendsetter: Think healthy, bring healthy, and love healthy.

-- Helen Saulsbury - Arroyo Grande

-- Helen Saulsbury - Arroyo Grande

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