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Here are the doom machines 

San Luis Obispo

When I read about PG&E doom machine for marine life, our fishing industry, our tourist attractions, I am moved to ask several questions: Who are the major stockholders of PG&E? And what besides dividends do they get from their suicidal course? Who really owns this company that holds us in its thrall?

Also, if we can build space stations on the moon, land cameras precisely on Mars, why can’t we send a guy in a submersible to the deepest bottom of three trenches to shoot a gun three times and read a seismograph? I know the technology is in use in the Mariana Trench, and that’s seven miles deep! We know more earthquakes are coming here. We are in a zone!

 But I digress: If this plan for doom seems insane, we must always be reminded that nuclear energy plants were designed to process fuel for nuclear bombs, doom machines dreamed up by Adolf Hitler. He dreamed that all nations would cower before him faced with instant annihilation.

So now SLO children are forced to cower? Face nuclear mutation for 10,000 plus years? Hey! Mutant butterflies were reported in Japan this year. Canaries in the mine? Are we listening to their cries?

Why not better spend money on a real emergency evacuation plan for 7 million people and children living between L.A. and San Francisco? Reinforce the vulnerable seawalls?

Although the U.S. Constitution grants power over the military to civilian control for just this sort of conflict in values situation, something has gone awry.

I feel controlled here by forces of doom and their military agenda. Is this really about jobs? Or human planetary survival? The future of our children, grandchildren?

I feel my survival threatened in downtown SLO!


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