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Hell no 

San Luis Obispo

Does John Winthrop (“I’m with Bill Moyers: Bring back the draft,” Nov. 12) think those of us who opposed the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent mishandling of the Afghan conflict are now gullible enough to sacrifice our children to help the war mongers save face? Well, as long as Bill Moyers says so! If the draft were reinstated, I would have my daughter out of this country so fast it would make Dick Cheney’s head spin. Oh, that’s right, he already can do that.


I already know war is hell or I would have enlisted back in 1973.  Many of us tried to tell the sunshine patriots that, yes, they were being led into a meat grinder with no apparent end but they chose to be brainwashed by Rush and FOX and the other propagandists for the “military industrial complex”—remember them? The majority of supporters of the Cheney/Bush world domination tour were the same fools who fell for the threats from Korea and Vietnam, two other successes.


The idea of reinstating the draft is not “let’s share the sacrifice” but let’s all be stupid. Enslaving our young to the whim of old incompetent politicians is ludicrous. End the Middle East conflicts by educating prospective recruits to the deceptions of the right and create good paying jobs here at home. Dry up the victim pool; don’t flood it. That is the way to end these politically motivated fiascos!

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