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Gov. Brown has it all wrong 

It’s a hot summer day. July 22, to be exact. My grandkids are here for the day with a couple of friends. In fact they’ve spent most of the summer recess here because I’m retired, so when their parents are at work they have a safe place to be. I’ve got a small above-ground pool in the backyard that measures 12 feet in diameter and about 30 inches of water deep. Most days the kids splash and play in it for these hot afternoons. There’s a little water loss due to evaporation, and sometimes their exuberant splashing throws some over the side, but mostly the 2,400 gallons of water in the pool is the same water that was there when I filled it four years ago, and I occasionally add water to replace losses.

I’ve got a postage-stamp-size square of lawn in the front yard that measures about 12 feet by 10 feet. The kids like to run around barefoot with the grass between their toes playing tag games and such. They do this with their friends who come to visit, the same ones who splash around in the pool. I’m not sure how much water it takes to keep this little patch of lawn green, and I’m not sure how much water it takes to keep the wading pool filled, but I’m sure that it is miniscule compared to the amount of water that the environmental agencies demand that we flush to the ocean for Delta smelt or to encourage salmon or trout to spawn upstream. 

Gov. “Jerry” Brown, in the face of the lack of replenishing rainfall has told me to forget about my little postage-stamp lawn, and I have no idea what he thinks about keeping my wading pool filled, but I can guarantee he has dismissed the water plans his father had proposed. Look up Gov. Brown’s Water Education Plan. 

Gov. Edmund G. “Pat” Brown Sr. may have been the last Democrat of California who had the foresight to plan for expansion, provide for water resources in what is essentially a desert state. What he started survives as the California Aqueduct. The rest of it has been abandoned by a lack of common sense.

As the states’ burgeoning population and agriculture (the breadbasket of not only this state and the country but in large part the world) demands that Pat Brown’s plan needed to be fulfilled. An environmental dictatorship of un-elected bureaucrats has been given the power to declare war on reservoirs, blowing up dams, and no plans for expanding what’s left or for any new ones. No plans for de-sal plants powered by nuclear energy just like our Navy uses. While at the same time some other bureaucrats demand more housing be built in areas that have no water resources. Please keep repeating that last paragraph until your mind is numb because if it didn’t compute the first time it never will and your mind is already numb.

If you support the migrant farm employees, then what could happen if water was plentiful and more of this desert state could support agriculture? 

If you support growing communities with grocery stores filled with the freshest produce grown in California, then what could be possibly wrong with a sensible water plan?

If you’re a Democrat, why do you support politicians that are the antithesis of common sense? Gov. Edmund G. Brown Sr. had the right stuff; this current lot has lost it.

-- Jan Lipski - Vandenberg Village

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