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Good job picking Capps over Watson 

San Luis Obispo

Regarding “The president’s budget is irresponsible” (Feb. 24) by Tom Watson, the gent the Republicans ran against Lois Capps in 2010: Notice that Mr. Watson has nothing to say about the “responsibility” of the Republicans’ budget, which also doesn’t do what he complains the president’s budget doesn’t do. Like a little boy hopping up and down and whining while holding his crotch, Mr. Watson appears too embarrassed to say what he and the Republican Party really want: They really want the president to slash Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. They want him to do that so that they aren’t the ones who do that.

Watson also doesn’t mention the $1.2 trillion deficit that was the legacy of the Bush administration due to Mr. Bush’s need to secure tax cuts for billionaires and for a war of convenience based on a lie. Strangely, I don’t recall Mr. Watson complaining about the debt then. And I don’t see Mr. Watson reminding readers of Dick Cheney’s immortal words: “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.” He also doesn’t mention that the amount added to the deficit post-Bush has been due largely to the federal stimulus spending necessary to dig the country out of the deep hole into which it dropped at the end of 2008, without which the cliff-dive would have ended in a full-on global depression. Because Republicans were not in charge, that didn’t happen.

Encountering the concept of re-energizing the economy by “speeding up America’s transition to a cleaner, safer energy future—as put forward by Rep. Lois Capps—Watson responds: “What? This is all meaningless pabulum that we clearly can’t afford, whatever it means.”

Congratulations to the voters of the 23rd Congressional District in choosing to re-elect Rep. Capps last year.

-- Joan Carter - San Luis Obispo

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