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Get real! Humans can't change the climate 

Santa Maria

The planet Earth is a very dynamic place for the tiny human life that inhabits five percent of its surface. The climate is constantly changing, even though from the Homo sapiens’ points of view, who live 90 years out of the billion years of the planet’s life, it seems to be fairly stable.

Somehow a small but influential part of our population thinks that we are capable of changing the climate of this planet because we generate carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Compared to animals and volcanoes, we are insignificant. Nearly all carbon dioxide is absorbed by plant life and the great oceans.

Scientists, who are not funded by environmentalists, believe that we are in the final states of the last ice age, and some feel we are on the edge of a new ice age. Whatever, we are not going to stop it. We just went through one of the coldest winters we have had in a long time. (I noticed there was none of the earth-warming nonsense during that winter.)

As far as college studies are concerned, the New Times would run out of paper printing all the predictions and advice we get from these perennial students, who take a little bit of information and use their limited experience to extrapolate it into advice that is totally dismissed by the next study.

Like most politicians, President Bush will go along with pressure from those he feels he must appease. Example: The 25,000 polar bears on the endangered list. He ignored the environmentalists for most of his term. The real threat to the U.S. is the environmentalist. They have kept us dependent on foreign oil, costing us billions of dollars a week. That not only devalues the dollar, but will eventually lead to bankruptcy. I am not against reducing pollution and moving away from gas-driven vehicles. However, it is a long-term effort.

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