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Get out of my party 

Gary Wechter doesn't speak for all Republicans, in fact, he shouldn't even claim to be one

Well, I suppose this was inevitable. Since I moved to the Central Coast of California from Arizona in 2009, my historical political affiliation is something I’ve kept close to the vest here in this cozy bastion of hyper-liberalism. And then one day I picked up the New Times and read an opinion from a fella named Gary Wechter (“So you didn’t vote for Trump,” Feb. 9), and it just clicked. Time to take the gloves off.

So, Dear Gary:

Wow. You are such an utter, catastrophic failure of a Republican. And your nefariously toxic attitude is an almost a poetically ignorant homage to all that is wrong with the party I grew up in. So Gary, with all “due” respect, can you please just get on out of the GOP and go rally up with your real allies, your real party—call it whatever you want: “alt-right” (not quite right), Nationalist Socialist Front (closer), or Nazi (just own it)?

I grew up in Arizona, voted in ’92 for George H. W. Bush just one month after turning 18, because Bill Clinton seemed smarmily repugnant, as much as anything else, and then, over the following eight years, I came to realize that Rhodes scholar William Jefferson Clinton was actually a marvelously astute and articulate statesman, despite still continuing to be a smarmy weasel. Real life, amiright?! Not so cut-and-dry, is it? At least not for those of us who are willing to consider the subtleties and nuances of circumstances as they arise.

So Gary, you write, in regards to the current Democratic party, “Face it, you have virtually no power.”

Ahh, Gary. That’s why we don’t want you in our party. If you’re going to try to speak for an entire party, try not to say such ignorant things! It makes you look like ... well, yourself. Which is unfortunate for us—the people you’re claiming to represent as a member of the Republican Party.

You know what power they have, Gary Wechter?

In this case, this current political messy state, it’s moral authority, truth, and the right side of history.

And in the meantime, you and your foul-spirited ilk have doomed the party of Lincoln to the turdbox of history. Thanks for nothing, jerk.

Now, let’s look at your “Here’s what’s gonna happen ... ” moment. What’s that you say about my parents? That they should have moved forward and made America great again when I misbehaved?! Gotcha.

As far as your ability to construct logical thoughts, I’m guessing you went to school here in America? Did they fail you or did you fail them?

And then when you talk about how America was great when it projected American strength, American values, and the American dream to a world desirous of security, freedom, and prosperity, OK kids, I’ve got a fun history project for you! Gary Wechter is talking about the Phillipine War, the Spanish American War, you know, “Empire Building”! Here’s a breakdown: The U.S. went in, stole land, and murdered lots of people—all in the name of progress. Spreading “freedom,” “democracy,” and “the American way,” all that good stuff. Look it up.

So, it seems like good ol’ Gary Wechter’s favorite time in America was when we just stole land and murdered wantonly. Ahh, the good ol’ days, right Gary?

How about this “market based” health-care system “focused on choice and strengthening the doctor/patient relationship?” Man, you are cute, Gary. That’s my polite way of saying really dumb and naïve. Boy, that “market” you speak of really seems to have its act together. If only at some point, ever, you would have actually described the details of this system you speak so highly of. Because it sounds really great. Maybe we should make you president, Gary, since clearly no one, ever, has come up with such an ingenious solution as yours.

You say that “the wall between the U.S. and Mexico will be built, and Mexico will pay for it!” Hmm. Nope. That’s dumb. But, you know, what do I know? I literally grew up on the border. I know the physical terrain. So, more fencing is going to secure it? Sure, a little more fencing. A wall is going to fix the issues we have with our economy and prevent people from seeking refuge in the United States? Haha, no, that’s dumb.

Hey Gary, did you read the letter to the editor from Josiah Johnstone (“The right to protest is what I fought for”) in the same issue of New Times in which your little commentary ran? In fact, Johnstone’s letter followed yours directly. He’s a veteran, and he was protesting against Trump, too. He wrote, “I am practicing my freedom of speech. Practicing what I was deployed for. Practicing what I was shot at for. Practicing what I saw my best friend murdered for.” Now, that’s a noble use of the right to practice free speech.

Perhaps Mr. Wechter could use a bit of clarity in that regard.

And in the meantime, dude, please get the fuck out of my party. You’re a hateful bigot. Go get your own party, quit fouling this one.

Matt Foote has been a Republican, for better or worse, since 1992. He practiced his First Amendment right by writing a commentary. You can too. Send a letter to the editor (250 words) or a commentary (800 to 1,000 words) to

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