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Get healthy by stopping the war 


Health should not be a business for profit. Health should be a right. No person should suffer because the money one has does not allow the cure.

All humans of the female persuasion should have the right of abortion. It is odd some politicians would take away this right but not want to support the family (even a family of one adult and child) to make sure children stay healthy. And this support would come in the form of medical needs.

Insurance. Wow, what a concept! You can have health insurance if you’re healthy. Health costs stay up because of health insurance to pay off the health business. But that’s the way it is—at the moment.

Are we not a social democracy? We have Social Security. History tells of the fears many had when Social Security was brought about. It has become second in most all of our thinking.

Now let’s make heath all can afford. Oh! How is it going to be paid without increasing taxes? Well, for one thing, it will not cost more than we pay to insurance corporations. How about getting out of the business of being in war? The percentage we pay in taxes to said military and the price to be at war would not only pay for everyone to stay healthy, it should pay the costs of educating everyone also. Dropping out of the war business will also stop the biggest causes of bad health, both physically and mentally.

We the people have to speak out to the ones we elected to represent us in our governmental system so we can improve our lives. After all, we the people elected them—or is it the corporate powers that elected them to keep profit up?

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