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Get a clue, controlling drivers 

Los Osos

Justin Leavens is a complete jerk and the reason why most people get frustrated on the road (“Please let the faster of us pass,” Sept. 23). Our freeway, being only two-lane, is often congested. I tend to drive in the left lane to avoid the merging on-ramp traffic. I generally go about 70 mph. It is too often the case that, while I am driving in the left lane and am actively passing or am about to pass a vehicle in the right lane, some jerk like him comes along and tailgates and turns on his brights.

This is not “encouraging” me to move over, it is flat-out bullying. Hey, jerk, see that giant truck on my right? Where am I supposed to go, under it? Am I supposed to slam on my brakes and slow down to less than 55 mph to slip in behind him in order to allow an entitled jerk like yourself to speed by? Do you see the other 15 to 20 vehicles in the right lane that offer so little space between them that a motorcycle couldn’t squeeze into it, all of them traveling at a slower speed than myself? It’s the same reason you can’t pass me on the right: too much traffic. I don’t mind pulling over to the right if there is plenty of room and I don’t have to slow down, but I am not going to accommodate your irrational behavior by impeding my progress. I love to let you fly by at 85 mph so you are the one who will be caught by the cop up ahead. I call people like you “bait.”

On the other hand, there is something to be said about the idiot who, on a perfectly clear freeway, plants himself in the left lane going 55 or 60 mph and refuses to move. These are members of the passive-aggressive “I am going fast enough” crowd who think they also control the universe.

Both groups need to get a clue and realize that the world does not revolve around them and they are not the ones charged with controlling the freeway.

One of my pet peeves is the drivers who speed up when you finally get a chance to pass them, then slow back down when you get behind them. Another is out on the two-lane highways, like 46. There is a law in California that says if you are going so slow that there are more than five cars backed up behind you, you are required to move over to let them pass. There are way too many motorhomes and other large vehicles that cannot sustain even 55 mph, yet they refuse to budge, even with 50 cars lined up. This is where it gets really dangerous, because frustrated drivers try to pass, often causing accidents.

The truly idiotic thing about these people is that, when you do get to a passing lane, they often plant themselves in the left lane and refuse to allow anyone to pass. If they can, they often actually speed up until the lane closes, where they slow back down again. I have often thought that the state could make a fortune off of these idiots because they are not just impeding traffic, they are causing dangerous driving conditions for all involved.

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