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Don't you just love America?

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Land of the free where you can say and do almost anything that you want to and other people can, too. Land of the free, who more often than not vote with their wallets in this free(ish) market economy of ours.

Well, Stacy Korsgaden—who unsuccessfully ran for office against late San Luis Obispo County 3rd District Supervisor Adam Hill and is thinking about running again in the future—loves America. And she isn't afraid to practice that freedom of speech We the People hold so dear! And she did just that, according to a Jan. 27 story in The Tribune, by attending the Save America rally in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6!

Is she crazy? No! She's just a self-described "moderate," who believes that she should be able to question the integrity of the 2020 presidential election without being canceled.

"I am moderate. What is not moderate about discussing election integrity?" she told The Trib. "The main thing to me, and why I went, as an individual it's not important to me who holds the office in that decision. We need to make sure there's transparency and election integrity, and it's the same whether we're talking about Democrats or Republicans."

Is it about transparency and election integrity? Or is it about believing what you want to believe regardless of the facts? Because I call the latter.

First of all, moderates didn't spend their hard-earned dollars to fly across the United States so they could listen to a baby-man continue his false narrative about not losing an election that he actually lost! Second of all, I doubt you would do the same thing if President Joe Biden made all of the same accusations in 2024.

"There were people (in D.C.) that were unhappy with the integrity of the election, but ultimately who's the judge and jury?" she asked The Trib.

Umm, hey Stacy? Are you "people"? There were actual judges who weighed in on the election integrity questions—including those who your supreme leader appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States. Did you miss those headlines?

OK. Maybe she is a little crazy. Or she just pulled off an ingenious political stunt that will win her right-wing crazies in the next election she decides to poke her foot into. But that stunt could also cost her those moderates she claims to be one of.

Can't we all just love one another? She lamented in an op-ed she floated around in response to The Trib's article. Well, we all know the answer to that is deep-bellied laughter. No, we obviously can't, Stacy! Have you seen us? We're 'Merican! We have a right to hate, and we have a right to do it openly. We love to hate, baby!

It's kind of our thing.

"The fallout from my private decision to attend the rally was still absolutely unexpected," she wrote in her op-ed.

Clients canceled their insurance policies. Relationships she'd had for decades just ended. It sucks, for sure. She compared the experience with coming out to her mother. But being a lesbian isn't a choice, Stacy. Falling in love with another human being really isn't a choice, either. Flying to D.C. to attend a rally is a deliberate choice that you had to know would eventually become public knowledge.

Oh, and, even though she said she's planning to run for office again, she also believes that she shouldn't be considered a public figure. Well, I hate to be the bearer of great truths, but the fact that a past candidate and future hopeful thought enough of election "integrity" allegations to actually attend the Save America rally that ended with rally attendees storming the U.S. Capitol is absolutely news.

The issue isn't necessarily about love at all, Stacy. It's about reality.

But don't listen to the media. It's media's fault that people canceled their insurance policies! It's media dividing us! Thanks, media! For ruining America!

"If we are government of the People, by the People, is it not important to make our concerns known? ... Even if certain media tells us differently?" she asks in her op-ed.

Did that article tell you that you weren't allowed your free speech? Because maybe we looked at the same story and came away with different facts.

Listen, I'm the first to say that you had every right in the world to take a couple of days off work and spend your hard-earned Farmers Insurance money on a plane ticket to fly from the Left Coast to Washington, D.C., purchase food and lodging, and listen to then President non-elect Donald Trump mumble like the incoherent nincompoop that he is.

We the People also have a right to choose where we spend our money and who to do business with. We vote with our wallets. Isn't that the free market's way of righting itself? Isn't that one of your campaign slogans? Less regulations on small businesses! Let the free market be free! As I've said so many times before in this column, free speech works both ways. You get to speak out. Be free. Claim a side. And people get to respond.

It's, like, our process. Δ

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