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Re: “Careful, or everyone will be labeled a 'lefty'

Developers currently have a free reign to build all the mini-mansions they want. Charles' viewpoint is what made LA like it is. Refusing to build affordable housing for the working folks close to jobs created the sprawl and the traffic mess.
We have done the same thing here in the name of "keeping it like it was" .
If we add jobs we must also add housing. Currently our local economy operates by exploiting every working family with abhorrent rents and housing prices. Paying 1/2 to 2/3 of you income is the result of policies that Charles Ewing and his supporters approve of..........yet.............One mile off 101 and you will find all the natural beauty there is. Looking for your natural beauty and open space in the areas we need housing is wrong and a tool used by the wealthy " haves" to preserve and enhance their property values and to keep the "others" that are not as wealthy OUT.
FAIR housing policies for all, not just the existing property owners.

Posted by Fred Amos on 11/10/2017 at 2:07 PM

Re: “The capitalist caste system

That's why the richest poor people live in free market economies....that is why our wages are the highest on earth.....Only the free market has raised workers wages....most humans are born into an economic system that is impersonal and indifferent to our success, but the free market has proven over and over that the little guy does better than under any other system. Like Democracy the free market is messy and unpredictable, but it is what has made the better world we live in now. If this is untrue you should relocate to the paradise of your choice, as you are free and not a slave or peasant.
Because we are free to make bad choice there will always be poverty. Helping those who suffer is better than trying to destroy their only means of getting out of poverty.
Your comparison to India's caste system shows you have little knowledge or understanding of how horrible that system was/is . You are as far from that situation as a working person can get!

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Posted by Fred Amos on 11/10/2017 at 1:55 PM

Re: “Hatred from the left

Actually they are more like Hitler's fascists than they are like his opposition. Using fascist tactics to oppose fascism is the definition of insanity.
Fascists and communists are fellow travelers and the folks that fought fascism do not believe in violence to silence others.
The people who fight fascism support free speech, even speech they disagree with.
The people who are fascists suppress anything they disagree with and are willing to use violence to get their way.
Learning some history would be an excellent idea for Molly as she seems to be ignorant of actual history and has substituted a fantasy that supports her sad beliefs.
Antifa has only existed a short time and has fought NO actual fascists anywhere. Cowards in mobs wearing masks....kinda like the KKK

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Posted by Fred Amos on 11/10/2017 at 1:44 PM

Re: “Affordable housing is not a partisan issue

Where "leftie/socialists" control land use housing is not affordable for working people. Where they do not control land use housing is usually affordable.
What about the over half of the county that earns what you would call sub-standard income....what about their housing needs??
What good is more commerce if we have no housing???

Posted by Fred Amos on 11/10/2017 at 1:25 PM

Re: “What are you doing?

You could have bought reasonable insurance for everything except your hernia.....for that you need health care not health insurance.

You should do deeper digging before buying into what you quoted.

As to life expectancy, if you compare any group of AMERICANS to those from their native country, those in America have better life expectancy than where they originally came from.

Single payer means the nearly the end of medical advancements and the beginning of rationing. At the beginning the free lunch is great, but once reality sets in the resulting system would totally be unacceptable to you. As a 64 year old person in Great Britain if they feel your care would on the average cost more than 35,000 dollars a year for their estimate of your remaining years you would not get cancer care but hospice. They are now tightening the standards to make them even worse.

You want no more new drugs, put price controls on them....USA develops OVER 80% of the new procedures and drugs for the entire world. Perhaps that is part of our higher costs. The fact that we have over 20 times the MRI machines per capita also means we take treatments and proceedures for granted that are uncommon in Europe.

Universities have helped in background research but do not develop drugs.

To solve problems created by government interference with the market you propose more interference......
You want to abandon fealty to the free market and replace it with fealty to a big omnipotent government. A government as far from the visions of the founding fathers as you can get!

Free gold for everyone is as equally possible as high quality personalized first class healthcare without it costing you money.

I guess you want a two tiered health system like Europe. There the rich buy private insurance that is good in the neighboring countries where they get the same access to health care as all of us in the USA get now. The national plan is for those who cannot afford better and it is way inferior in all serious measures to what we expect and take for granted in the USA. Clinic level care in Europe in readily available and good, but for serious procedures you would like dealing with the evil insurance companies a lot more than dealing with a national government health plan that is refusing to give you treatment.
The world is complicated and simplistic government centered solutions prevent the market and freedom from working out the problems without undue interference.

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Posted by Fred Amos on 10/26/2017 at 4:35 PM

Re: “Fonzi misleads on climate change

Quoting the discredited Michael Mann is a very weak and feeble response. He will soon lose his defamation case because he will have been proven a fraud. Explaining to people who believe this nonsense and why science is laughing at the alarmist point of view is usually a waste of time because the alarmist "believe" what they believe religiously because they have little or no knowledge of the facts and science behind the hoax. People who only rely on appeals to authority (alarmists) are not moved by the scientific facts. They know there is a vigorous opposition to their point of view but being ignorant of the science they are unable to grasp the fact that historically nothing that is not natural is going on with the climate.
A simple google search of the climate for the last 10,000 years shows that weather changes naturally!
95% of the greenhouse effect is water vapor alone. CO2 is the gas of life and if we could triple the amount in the atmosphere it would not raise the temperature significantly but it would radically increase plant growth and crop yields.
If the scientifically informed are "deniers" because we will not swallow the lies, what are the alarmists except schills for issues and philosophies they do not fully comprehend.. Useful idiots was a term used by a famous man of the left for such people in the past.......
Only gullible people who would believe that an issue that breaks down along political lines is about science.

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Posted by Fred Amos on 08/10/2017 at 4:03 PM

Re: “Central Coast residents support the monument

Private donations are the way to go! The federal government doing a land grab is not. Putting others land of limits to productive use is not good. The Carrissa area is best left to those who could best use it....NOT to urban dwellers who think they should have a say on rural folks land rights, so they can have a viewshed out their car window at others expense.
I think it would be best if Washington acted earlier and kept things as it was before all the socialist and big government worshipers moved to the central coast and brought their big city mentalities with them!

Posted by Fred Amos on 08/10/2017 at 3:34 PM

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